Web Hosting Explained

What is web hosting? What types of web hosting are there? Here are our answers to all common questions on web hosting.

SSL Explained

Adding elements of encryption and validation, SSL helps keep visitors safer.

Domain Name Explained

How domain names work? How much does a domain name cost? Our answers to all FAQs on domain names.

Green Hosting Explained

Buying green energy or carbon offset certificates are the main methods hosting companies use to go green today.

.htaccess Tutorial: Basic Guide and Popular Examples

This powerful configuration file must be used prudently

CDN Explained

Distance increases time of data travel and CDNs address this by helping websites cache data.

DNS Explained

The Domain Name System (DNS) is how human-friendly website addresses are linked to their destinations, here's how it works...

Inodes Explained

Inodes are vital to your web hosting account but what exactly are they, how many do you need, and why?

Research: Data Suggests Pricing Does Affect Web Host Performance

Based on an analysis of 40+ top hosting providers, HostScore research finds that many maintain decent levels of service performance. However, the changing digital landscape needs these providers to improve offerings to meet new challenges.

Plesk for Dummies: Beginner Guide to Plesk Control Panel

Plesk is versatile and very intuitive - which makes it an ideal choice for beginners and veterans alike.