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BionicWP is another web hosting provider that has a focus on the popular WordPress CMS. Their prices about on par with other premium hosts occupying the managed WordPress hosting space - with a higher than usual focus on the “managed” part of the equation.
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BionicWP Pros

  • WordPress hardening
  • Unlimited free site migrations
  • Comprehensive site edits
  • White label solution
  • 30-day backup cycles

BionicWP Cons

  • Many features cost extra
  • Limited storage space
  • Prices can stack quickly

Editor's Review & Recommendation

BionicWP dashboard
BionicWP user dashboard

The managed WordPress hosting space seems to be under healthy growth. BionicWP joined the list of premium providers for this service back in late 2017. Since then it appears to have been staying strong and now joins its compatriots on HostScore.

High pricing in this segment alone makes it a bit out of reach for most casual users. However, those new to WordPress hosting and seeking to run commercial sites can benefit from their excellent managed services.

Despite what may seem to be another duplicate service, BionicWP does offer some notable features. A big part of this is their white-glove site management and deep WordPress edits. This brings hands-free WordPress site management to a whole new level.

This level of support is useful in many cases, especially since there are some areas of BionicWP that may raise eyebrows. For instance, the slight complexity of simply updating a domain name due to their use of AWS requiring intervention on their end.

Still, you can essentially remain focused on building your site content and throw anything else to the BionicWP team - from code changes to maintenance and even the upload of the content you create. It’s WordPress hosting with complete automation.

One outstanding feature that must be mentioned is their capacity for white label support. If you’re an agency or even a freelancer, BionicWP can help you handle all customer support requests - under your brand name.

Their custom dashboard for users makes things so easy to manage. You get a unified dashboard that can link all the moving parts of your account together. Plus it’s presented in a nice, neat, and impressively graphical format.

While all of this is excellent, less so are the prices you’ll have to pay. For those seeking a Kinsta-alike experience what you’ll pay is about on par. Yet if you want the nifty features discussed above, things escalate quickly and the inclusion of all bells and whistles can hike starting prices.

The good news is that if you need to run more than one site on BionicWP, prices start dropping. For example, a single site plan at the $27.50 per month level will see prices drop to $17.50 per month per site if you have more than 24 sites.

BionicWP Performance

BionicWP Plans & Pricing

BionicWP VPS/Cloud Hosting
Plan 1
/per month
1 site
20,000 visits
5 Gb storage
50 Gb CDN bandwidth

Plan 2
/per month
2 sites
40,000 visits
10 Gb storage
100 Gb CDN bandwidth

Plan 3
/per month
3 sites
60,000 visits
15 GB storage
150 GB CDN bandwidth

BionicWP User Satisfaction

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