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tsoHost is a UK-based web hosting service provider which does very well at presenting a series of basic features. Unfortunately, the way it does so is a little bit off the norm and can be a bit confusing at first. Their limited feature set and UK-only servers does present a bit of a potential disappointment for international customers.

Response Time

tsoHost Pros

  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free domain name
  • Free site migration
  • Daily backup

tsoHost Cons

  • Only UK-based servers
  • No free SSL
  • Limited phone / chat support
  • Limited storage space

Editor's Review & Recommendation

With just around ten years of web hosting experience under their belt, tsoHost is a little bit of an enigma. I'm not crying false advertising, but there can be a little bit of new-user confusion over the statement of Cloud shared hosting here. For what they offer on those plans, I also feel that pricing is a little bit steep.

The fact that they're UK-based is not such a big deal but you need to be alert that their pricing is not just in British Pounds but also subject to 20% Value Added Tax. Although tsoHost is upfront and clear about this, I advise you to do some mental calculations before looking at price tags and thinking the pricing is low.

Once you get over that, you'll find that the feature set on offer here is pretty much standard and there's nothing that really shouts out about the service. You get the usual balancing of pros and cons; for example, there's the free domain name but no free SSL certificate, and so on. Even customer support is a balancing act with them offering live chat and phone support - although for limited hours each day.

At the end of the day, there really doesn't seem to be anything remarkable or even overly disappointing about tsoHost. In terms of capability, they do have a range of plans that can meet most demands, all the way up to dedicated servers. As a whole, I'd say that this is perhaps a reasonable host to be with unless you're targeting traffic from other regions. If so, you might be better off with a host that has a better spread of data center options.

tsoHost Performance

tsoHost Plans & Pricing

tsoHost Shared Hosting
/per month
3 websites
15 GB data storage
Unlimited data transfer
Free domain
Free daily backups
SSL - from $51.13

/per month
8 websites
50 GB data storage
Unlimited data transfer
Free domain
Free daily backups
SSL - from $51.13

/per month
20 websites
100 GB data storage
Unlimited data transfer
Free domain
Free daily backups
SSL - from $51.13

tsoHost VPS/Cloud Hosting
Regular VPS
/per month
1 CPU core
768 memory
20 GB SSD storage
400 GB data transfer

Large VPS
/per month
2 CPU cores
1.5 GB memory
40 GB SSD storage
800 GB data transfer

Super Size VPS
/per month
4 CPU cores
3 GB memory
80 GB SSD storage
1.6 TB data transfer

tsoHost User Satisfaction

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