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A2 Hosting Review Summary

In the past one of the best hosting providers around, today A2 Hosting has slightly lost its shine. Speed is the lifeblood of any website today and they have gotten a bit unstable of late. Still, reliability is decent and their attention to detail can be seen in prudent plan revisions on occasion.

Response Time

A2 Hosting Pros

  • Server locations in North America, Europe, and Asia
  • Free website migration assistance
  • Custom optimizations tools available
  • High sign-up discounts and anytime money back guarantee
  • Developer-oriented features even on shared hosting
  • Encrypted backup solutions available
  • Root access with all VPS plans

A2 Hosting Cons

  • No free domain name
  • Free site transfers mainly for cPanel installations
  • HTTP/2 only on TURBO plans

Editor's Review & Recommendation

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A2 Hosting Overview

Having tested many web hosting services over the years, A2 Hosting remains one of my favorite picks. It ticks many of the key check boxes that I find to be so desirable in a hosting provider. It has a good reputation and offers a good mix of performance and features.

In the case of A2 Hosting they have the performance and reliability to back it up.

Features come a close second and here, whatever they do not provide by default, you can pay extra for if you really need it. In terms of cost, some would consider A2 Hosting a little high up on the scale but considering what they offer I think it is a fair price, especially combined with sign-on discounts and the anytime money-back guarantee.

Different Use-Cases on A2 Hosting

1. For Newbies and Individual Bloggers

a2 hosting review
A2 Hosting offers customized features needed to boost blog performance.

To be honest, the term blogging is overused nowadays since there are blogs that get anything from 1 pageview to others that handle literally thousands of pageviews a day. Suffice to say that no matter the level you are at now there is always room to grow at A2 Hosting. It also offers many features that you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere such as pre-setup free SSL and tons of optimization extras for content management systems like WordPress.

A2 Hosting Performance

A2 Hosting Plans & Pricing

A2 Hosting Shared Hosting
/per month
1 website
100 GB SSD storage
1 CPU core
0.7GB memory
Free website migration
Anytime money back guarantee

/per month
Unlimited websites
Unlimited SSD storage
2 CPU cores
1 GB memory
Free website migration
Anytime money back guarantee

Turbo Boost
/per month
Unlimited websites
Unlimited storage
2 CPU cores
2 GB memory
Free website migration
Anytime money back guarantee
Turbo server (20x faster)
A2 Site Accelerator

A2 Hosting VPS/Cloud Hosting
Lift 4
/per month
2 CPU cores
4 GB memory
150 GB RAID-10 storage
2 TB data transfer
Free account transfer
cPanel control panel

Lift 8
/per month
6 CPU cores
8 GB memory
250 GB RAID-10 storage
3 TB data transfer
Free account transfer
cPanel control panel

Lift 16
/per month
8 CPU cores
16 GB memory
450 GB RAID-10 storage
4 TB data transfer
Free account transfer
cPanel control panel

A2 Hosting User Satisfaction

    "Best Hosting Provider for bloggers"

    One the cool hosting i had started with for my third blog. The plans they offer are super attractive and within the budget.

    I can strongly recommend it to any level of blogger. But if I have to particular any one can begin their blog with A2Hosting to tryout their luck in blogging arena.

    Along with offering the space, I like their turbo cache feature, which lets the blog load faster without installing any caching plugin. Instead I saved few dollars on Wp-rocket. I love it!

    Yes, recommend

    "Loving this Hosting Company"

    I would recommend A2 host to anyone who wants a reliable hosting service. I really like the support, which is very quick and helpful. The support team helped me fix some issues with my website in no time at all. All of the features they offer are perfect for me, and it’s great that there are so many plans to choose from, so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly.

    Yes, recommend

    "A2 Hosting - Awful Experience"

    I switch from SiteGround to A2 looking for better performance as advertised. But is one of my worst decisions in that topic. It impacted severely our website dropping visitors, raising bounce rate and SEO. We had 3000 visitors a day before switching and it dropped to approx 1000 a day. One year later we are still struggling to get back to where we were. I assume my part of not noticing the performance degradation before. But it was just an awful experience. I don’t desire this for anyone.

    No, don't recommend

    "Very attendant customer service"

    I had a question about my account billing, when I first signed up with A2 Hosting. I received an email reply to my website inquiry within 24 hours, from a real person who was actually answering my question (not just a copy/paste of a generic response). I then had a suggestion for how they could improve their invoicing, and again I received a response from a real person, who said they would be forwarding my suggestion to the appropriate department–and again, within 24 hours I received a response from that other department, thanking me for the suggestion.

    Yes, recommend

    "A2 Hosting is Superb! Excellent and free hosting migration plus TOP-NOTCH package and support"

    Thanks, Jerry, I found A2 Hosting via your reviews here, and I am super impressed with them. BIG contrast to my former host (let’s just say there were issues of epic proportions). Lots of shenanigans were going on, and I was losing access. But even with these limitations, A2 came in swiftly and migrated everything — for free — like a breeze. Ahhh. What a relief to have landed at such a safe, intelligent, and chock-a-block-full-of-info web host. Excellent support access, and oodles of Knowledge Base articles to self-empower one’s online capabilities. Thanks to all!

    Yes, recommend

    John Venner

    "I would recommend A2"

    Once again the A2 team have helped us. We had a problem transferring a website from another host and the migrating team did a very fast and efficient job in sorting it out.

    Yes, recommend

    Michelle Davis

    "Great SWITCHOVER"

    Wow. I have never had a switch of web providers go so smoothly! I kept waiting for the disaster as per usual. It was seamless. I am just in disbelief. I have found my new home and think I will be here for a long long time!
    3 WordPress websites (2 as subdomains) transferred from old service to A2.
    BOOM..everything works. My blood pressure has returned to normal! Thank you!

    Yes, recommend

    Antwon James

    "A1 Service From A2 Hosting"

    This company has the best uptime and customer service in the hosting space. I’ve been building and hosting websites professionally since 2010, and this is by far the best service on the market. I’ve tried all of the major hosting services and none of them offer or compare to A2 Hosting.

    Yes, recommend

    Sarah Ferdinande

    "Great customer support"

    I’ve just joined a2hosting, and right off the bat I am very satisfied. I had trouble logging in through ftp, and submitted a ticket, which was promptly taken care of. Support was thorough and very friendly.

    Yes, recommend

    Masood Ahmad

    "Good but can improve"

    I like to prefer people to buy a2 hosting because of some good features like regular site backup, money back guarantee, a2 optimized features and the speed is quite good but there are something which a2 hosting company can improve to do well in the market.

    First: the live chat session takes sometime 30-40 minutes of waiting. And customers are always in hurry so company should look into it.

    Second: sometime when we try to open a ticket and resolve the queries may take upto 24-48 hours of replying which I personally felt very frustrating. So company should look into it.

    Third: speed is good but not excellent someone can rely upon.
    So this is my honest review of a2 hosting.

    Yes, recommend

    Blair Peery

    "Purchasing process is sub-par"

    Buying from A2 Hosting: I wish the WHOIS privacy service had been broken out as a separate line item from the domain registration itself on the purchase website and the invoice, so I could have seen what I was paying for. That would have avoided confusion, and required fewer Support tickets.

    Beverly V. did a good job explaining the situation. She shouldn’t have had to if the A2 Hosting purchasing and invoice process were in any way sensible.

    Yes, recommend

    Aksshit Wadhwa

    "Very Good experience"

    I’m using A2Hosting from a long time and I’m very happy with their hosting. They have good speed and nice customer support. I shifted from iPage to A2Hosting and that was my very best decision.

    I’ve seen many users get speed issues in their hosting. But I’m not getting any speed issues. I get very good speed on my blog. It’s all about the optimization of the site. Please blame Hosting but that’s not only thing by which you can increase your speed, you have to optimize your site also for better speed.

    Thanks –

    Yes, recommend

    "Useful for Bloggers"

    I using this hosting for the last 2 years and I will recommend you to use A2 hosting because it’s speed and features are so simple to use.

    If you want to do affiliate marketing with blogging, this is the best option for you.

    Yes, recommend

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