About Us

How We Got Started

Established September 2019

HostScore was established to offer those seeking web hosting solutions the opportunity to learn everything they need to know about hosts – before spending a cent on them. We do the groundwork they need and offer readable and accurate details on web hosting so users can make the best possibly buying decisions.

What We Believe

Knowledge and Transparency are the twin pillars behind everything we do.

We believe that all consumers have the right to real information and knowledge before they spend their hard-earned money on any product. We also believe in giving web hosting companies the opportunity of an impartial review process.

In the course of our work, we as a third-party also believe that we owe both our readers and web hosting service providers complete transparency in order to lend weight to our findings. Our integrity is of the utmost importance to us as without trust, there is no success.

The HostScore Team

Working in a connected world has enabled HostScore to effectively pull together talent from all over the world. This efficiency has resulted in a very small team being able to achieve significant results. The HostScore team relies on communication and experience to seek and offer the best results to you, our readers.

Jerry Low

Founder & Owner

Web hosting industry veteran Jerry Low has immersed himself in web technologies for over a decade and has built many successful sites from scratch.

He is a self-professed geek who has made it his life’s ambition to keep the web hosting industry honest and offer consumers as much information as they need to make informed buying decisions on web hosting and related solutions.

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Jason Chow

Head of Marketing and Outreach

For each successful article posted on HostScore, countless hours are spent on research and marketing.

Chow has the man behind at least half of those hours as he seeks the best way to boost readership reach using everything from keyword research to marketing skills. Chow is also the man behind our Outreach Program, seeking to establish links and partnerships with similarly reputable sites.

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Timothy Shim

Research & Content

Meeting the challenge of turning raw data into legible words, Shim is the author behind much of what you read on HostScore.

An experienced researcher, writer and editor, he follows the trails established by Low and relentlessly turns web hosts over and around in his search to find every advantage (or disadvantage) they have.

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Grace Tay


Grace Tay is our resident developer who is a mathematician turned code diver. Her skills are primarily in Java, Objective-C, and PHP.

Today she has turned her focus to web technologies and specializes in WordPress. The transition drives her a little nuts sometimes and she bangs out issues on her drums (thank God she has that hobby)!

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Nicholas Godwin


Nicholas Godwin tells profitable brand stories that tech buyers and businesses love. He is a digital marketing consultant and technology researcher and regularly works on projects for Fortune 500 companies, global tech corporations, and top consulting firms, from Bloomberg Beta, Accenture, PwC, and Deloitte to HP, Shell, and AT&T.

Our Partners

The most important factor that HostScore is based on is that our readers are our #1 partners. You are the main reason for our being since HostScore is dedicated to providing everyone with a rating system which is as transparent as possible for everyone’s benefit.

For this reason, all our users have the opportunity to have their views on a host weigh in as part of the scoring system represented by HostScore. We encourage you to participate for the benefit of your fellow netizens.

Commercial Partners

To support our activities we also have commercial partners. These are the companies listed here who encourage sites like this to prove that they offer products and services which are superior to the competition.

Companies we work with are typically involved in web hosting or associated products and services.

Technology Partners 

HostScore has and will continue to work with leading names in the web technology space. These partnerships may take the form of technology and skills exchange, shared services, or even on occasion simple meet and greets for community updates.

Some of our technology partners include Bitcatcha, Freshping, and Uptime Robot.

Strategic Partners

Not all test sites we monitor belong to us. As such, we engage with strategic partners who offer us access to their sites so we can use them in our scoring system. This helps to ensure that we can cover as many hosting companies as possible without the need to maintain accounts in every single one.

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