Shopify’s Shop Pay Comes to Facebook and Instagram

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Facebook collaborates with Shopify to bring Shop Pay, Shopify’s super-fast, super-easy, and secure payment gateway, to Instagram and Facebook stores.

Shopify, announcing this expansion earlier in February, emphasized their goal to make shopping better, no matter the channel.

This is the first time Shop Pay will be available outside Shopify, and it promises tremendous growth in conversion for Shopify merchants. On both platforms, Shop Pay is an extension of the Facebook Pay feature, offering a vendor-native checkout option to Shopify merchants.

What This Means For Your Social Commerce Store

Initially, social commerce would assist online selling with more profound, personalized, and direct interaction between sellers, brands, and the customer community. Now, more than just finding products, 55% of online buyers have purchased through a social platform.

Brands are aware of this social shopping opportunity, and the competition is intense. As early as 2017, up to 66% of global brands had implemented some social commerce feature.

“People are embracing social platforms not only for connection but for commerce,” said Carl Rivera, General Manager of Shopify’s Shop app.

Shop Pay as a payment option on Facebook and Instagram stores has leveled the playing field for everyone.

Shopify’s Instagram and Facebook plugins have already allowed sellers to tag or add products to sell directly on their business pages via several supported gateways.

With this new expansion, social shopping is a lot easier for Shopify merchants and more convenient for buyers.

Local and small brands now have a chance to offer buyers Shop Pay’s one-tap and seamless shopping experience within their Instagram and Facebook stores.

How Does Shop Pay Work?

The ability to pay for goods exactly where you find them is the height of convenience. For the 60% of Instagram users who find new products on the app, the Instagram integration with Shop Pay couldn’t have come at a better time.

Shop Pay was first available to US Shopify merchants selling on Instagram via the Facebook Pay feature. In the weeks after, Shopify merchants selling on Facebook would be able to use the Shop Pay buy button on their Facebook stores.

Buyers can find products they like on the Instagram pages of their favorite stores or on influencer pages, click on the tag within the picture, and proceed to make a payment right on the page using Shop Pay.

When enabled on any Facebook store, shoppers can browse through offered products, click to buy what they like, and select Shop Pay as their preferred payment option.

What Users are Saying So Far

Checkout with Shop Pay is said to be 70% faster than other payment options. Buyers only need to enter their payment details when using Shop Pay for the first time. Shop Pay saves your details and pre-populates the checkout page on subsequent buys.

A survey of 1o,000 Shopify merchants who have enabled Shop Pay found that checkout-to-order conversion is 1.72 times higher.

Mobile Shopping conversion rate is up by 1.91 times using the Shop Pay checkout option on both platforms.

With more consumers focusing on sustainable product options, Shop Pay’s 100% carbon emission offset gives buyers a way to buy green.

What You Should Expect From Shopify Going Forward

“Making Shop Pay available outside of Shopify for the first time means even more shoppers can use the fastest and best checkout on the Internet,” said Carl Rivera.

Also, Shopify users could expect to get more by way of personalized and multichannel shopping experience as the app is set to integrate more of its features with social platforms.

“There’s more to come: we’ll continue to work with Facebook to bring a number of Shopify services and products to these platforms to make social selling so much better.”

About Shopify

Shopify is one of the three top global online store builders and has the reputation of the online store builder for everyone, no matter the size of your business.

Considering that Shopify merchants span over 175 countries and are making a record-breaking $2.9 billion in sales in one weekend, there is something to make some noise about.

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