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HostArmada Review Summary

For those who are new to them, HostArmada makes a seriously strong proposition. They offer generous resources and perks for prices that can be considered as rock bottom. However, look towards the long term as renewal prices will smack you silly if you don’t pay attention in the beginning.

Response Time

HostArmada Pros

  • Generous CPU and memory use
  • Free website migration
  • Free domain name & SSL
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Sitebuilder included
  • 45-day money back guarantee
  • Multiple daily offsite backups
  • All accounts are Cloud based

HostArmada Cons

  • Renewal price hikes of over 500%

Editor's Review & Recommendation

To be very honest, HostArmada kind of snuck up to me. It isn’t exactly a surprise to see the sudden emergence of a new web hosting company (established circa 2019). However, it came with a bang, offering a wide range of web hosting services.

For a privately held company to go all out in this extremely competitive field - it isn’t something you will see everyday. Yet here we have them, offering not just a broad product range, but also basing it on the Cloud. This speaks volumes towards their confidence and technical capabilities.

To start off with, their shared hosting comes with many bells and whistles. At the lower end of the scale, 15GB of storage space isn’t a lot, but they are more generous in terms of CPU usage and memory - two areas much more important than mere space.

Plans increase in resources and perks as they go up the scale. As a whole, they remind me of the way A2 Hosting does things with their ‘Turbo’ feature. Except of course, HostArmada calls it their ‘Warp Feature’. Either way you gain extra CPU power.

Their Cloud VPS plans are equally impressive - in provisioning if not in price. Single-core virtual accounts start at over $40 at the lower end of the scale. The benefit though is that it comes with cPanel licensing, so you don’t have to pay for that separately.

Having probed their plans for weakness, I can only say that there is only one shocker here, and that’s the renewal pricing of their shared hosting plans. While stiff price hikes are normal in web hosting, HostArmada seems to take it as free licence for usury with shared hosting plans renewing at hikes of more than 500%.

HostArmada Performance

HostArmada Plans & Pricing

HostArmada Shared Hosting
Start Dock
/per month
1 website
15 GB cloud SSD storage
2 cores
2 GB memory
~10,000 unique visits

Web Warp
/per month
Unlimited websites
30 GB cloud SSD storage
4 cores
4 GB memory
~60,000 unique visits
Free private DNS

Speed Reaper
/per month
Unlimited websites
40 GB cloud SSD storage
6 cores
6 GB memory
~120,000 unique visits
Free private DNS
Dynamic caching

HostArmada User Satisfaction

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