Amy Kamala of InMotion Named Among WordPress 5.6 All-Women Release Squad

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Amy Kamala is a web development manager at InMotion Hosting. She’s one of 50 women chosen for an ‘All-women Release Squad.’ She’ll play a pivotal role in the WordPress 5.6 core development in October 2020.

Josepha Haden leads the development team, alongside Release coordinator Dee Teal. Apart from the Release Squad, they’ll receive support from some executives. These include Tonya Mork, Helen Hou-Sandì, and others.

As part of the all-women team, Amy Kamala will work alongside other women.

They’ll manage core aspects of the WordPress 5.6 release, including testing, documentation, marketing, and accessibility.

Kamala’s role in this project is crucial. She’ll deal with technical project management for the WordPress 5.6 core development. She’ll also review change management process literature.

Features to expect in this version are; PHP 5.6.x support removal, block editor enhancements, and more.

Amy Kamala’s WordCamp and Dreamhost Experience

Amy Kamala volunteered her services at WordPress to help the Release Model Working Group. This was before joining the WordPress 5.6 release squad in October 2020.

Kamala worked four years at Dreamhost, where she helped organize their technical documentation. She joined InMotion Hosting as a WordPress Support Specialist.

She co-organized a WordPress Meetup for WordPress Los Angeles. Kamala has spoken at numerous WordCamps, including WordCamp Las Vegas 2019 and WordCamp Santa Clarita 2020.

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