BigCommerce Elite Partnership Welcomes Trustpilot

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What makes this Trustpilot and BigCommerce collaboration so natural? Well, if you’re in tune with modern buyers’ behavior, it shouldn’t surprise you that shoppers research products before they buy. So, you can’t separate eCommerce from reviews — they go hand in hand.

Trustpilot inspires trust in eCommerce brands. They even joke that it’s in their name. It’s so important to them that they invested in:

  • Over 50 compliance teams
  • A powerfully customized software for fraud detection, and 
  • Other safeguards to protect the integrity of the reviews you get

The fraud detection software runs 24/7 to screen for suspicious reviews, and remove any fakes. This level of integrity is what qualifies Trustpilot to join the hand-picked BigCommerce Elite Partners tier.

In the words of BigCommerce,

The Premier and Elite partner tiers are reserved for select partners that bring differentiated vertical solutions that extend core platform functionality for BigCommerce merchants.

BigCommerce Merchants Automate Review Collection with Trustpilot’s App

The partnership between BigCommerce and Trustpilot makes it easier for merchants to:

  • Get closer to their customers
  • Build trust for their brands
  • Get feedback for improved customer experience, and
  • Boost results with social proof

Trustpilot’s BigCommerce app automates review collection processes for your brand. It also allows you to add TrustBox widgets and prompt your customers to share their experiences. Past customers get the invite as well.

All the features BigCommerce merchants get from Trustpilot’s review platform

Whenever a customer places an order, it triggers an email that asks them to leave a review. 

Trustpilot Joins BigCommerce Elite Partners

As a BigCommerce Elite Partner, Trustpilot offers services to more than 60,000 BigCommerce costumers. A partnership achieved by only a select number of tech partners. And this union gives  BigCommerce’s customers access to the Trustpilot’s platform based on their Trustpilot’s payment plan.

You might want to know what you stand to gain from this partnership. You’ll get:

  • Product and service reviews
  • Increased social proof from automated invitations to new and old customers
  • Drag-and-drop review widgets in your online store, and more

According to independent research, 86 percent of people trust ads that include a Trustpilot rating. In fact, 74 percent of online shoppers are more likely to buy from your website if it displays Trustpilot review onsite.

To use the app, however, you must have a Trustpilot account regardless of whether you’re a BigCommerce customer or not. 

Beyond Reviews: Can You Trust Your eCommerce Platform?

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HostScore helps you find the best online platforms for your eCommerce needs. If you’re considering BigCommerce, then you want to take a closer look at the platform before you pull out your wallet. Find out more about BigCommerce’s pricing, features, and benefits here.

About BigCommerce

BigCommerce gives enterprise brands an eCommerce platform with a flexible SaaS solution that makes security and scalability a priority. The idea is to fast-track your growth with less complexity.

For a leading eCommerce platform, BigCommerce offers an intuitive interface that reduces time-to-market at a very low cost.

About Trustpilot

With a 525 Alexa ranking, it’s needless to say that Trustpilot has what it takes to make your brand popular. The platform has given more than 70 million reviews of over 300,000 businesses.

Trustpilot gives you a neutral platform so that you can see your brand from your customers’ viewpoint. Plus the review tools you get are simple, yet powerful enough to satisfy any business size.

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