GoDaddy Buys Domain Name Registry that Registers Zoom, Amazon, Snapchat, Twitter & Volvo

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GoDaddy, a leading best domain registers in the industry acquired the Neustar registry, handling all of its businesses. All the registry assets which amounted to 215 TLDs and around 12 million domains were bought for an undisclosed sum.

This acquisition makes GoDaddy responsible for handling top brands like Amazon, Snapchat, Twitter, Volvo, and Zoom, since they fall under the .co and .us TLDs. All domain names under the Neustar registry will now have to pay GoDaddy the wholesale price for registering any domain for their customers.

Experts have commented on how the purchase makes sense since it lines up with the GoDaddy’s existing business model. GoDaddy says that buying the domain name registry furthers its commitment to advancing the internet’s infrastructure. One of the company’s aim is to deliver efficient customer experiences with speed, reliability, and security.

The GoDaddy Registry

The company made the announcement on Monday, 6th of April 2020, and stated they’d adhere to a strict governance model as part of the transaction. The model would allow them to maintain independence between their registrar businesses and the new GoDaddy Registry.

The company aims to make the Registry as autonomous as possible without interfering in the operations. Most of the staff from Neustar have also been retained.

GoDaddy’s chief operating officer, Andrew Low Ah Kee, commented on how excited they were in bringing Neustar’s whole team aboard.

This new business was aptly named the GoDaddy Registry. The service will be led by the current Senior VP and General Manager of Neustar’s Registry, Nicolai Bezsonoff. When asked to comment on the acquisition, Bezsonoff expressed how thrilled he and his team are to join the GoDaddy family.

Managed Registry Services

GoDaddy’s acquisition also includes Neustar’s Managed Registry Services. The business manages more than two hundred other top-level domains including generic TLDs and brand TLDs.

With the managed registry service, brands can manage top-level domain names, including regulatory and legal obligations to the organization that provides the IP addresses and domain names.

Publisher Sentiments About the Acquisition

Some publishers seem wary about this daring move by GoDaddy, especially in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Others expressed concerns about them taking advantage of the margins they’ll get.

Response to Godaddy-Neustar deal
Image Source: Webmasterworld

However, GoDaddy pledged to keep its domain registration business separate from the new registry. Experts think GoDaddy is going this route to avoid unfair advantages.

Regardless of GoDaddy’s offer to maintain independence between the registry and registrar businesses, some forum members don’t trust them anyway. These commentators don’t see the company as business-friendly, despite its claims to help smaller businesses. One user on WebmasterWorld even went as far as threatening to move everything if GoDaddy went anywhere near their main registrar.

Is This Acquisition Good or Bad for Users?

Since the GoDaddy Registry is still in its early stages, no one can tell yet if the purchase was a good or bad idea. They haven’t made any sudden price changes yet.

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The company aims to empower entrepreneurs around the world and provide them with the tools they need to succeed in their online businesses.

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