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Hostinger Review

Review by Jerry Low
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TL;DR: What We Think of Hostinger

Don’t be fooled by the low sign-up prices that Hostinger is boasting, they are far from your average budget host. Hostinger hosting excels in both speed and uptime performance which is hard to come by at this entry point price tag. Be aware though that renewal prices can hit your bottom line.

Suitable for:

Beginners-friendly, Budget, Small Business, or International Website Hosting

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Hostinger Pros & Cons

Hostinger Pros

  • Very cost-effective – Lowest plan starts at $2.99/mo and support up to 100 websites
  • Nine different data centers in four continents
  • Good spread of hosting plans
  • User-friendly control panel (hPanel)
  • Wide range of payment options accepted
  • Git environment available on shared hosting
  • Additional 7% discount with coupon code “HOSTSCORE”

Hostinger Cons

  • Price increase during the renewal
  • Does not support Windows hosting

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Hostinger Who? Quick Intro

Hostinger traces its origins back to 2004 when it began as Hosting Media, a brainchild of enterprising youth in Kaunas, Lithuania. Their journey of innovation commenced with the launch of in 2007, followed by the establishment of the esteemed cPanel brand in 2008.

The pivotal year of 2011 heralded the rise of Hostinger, accompanied by its bespoke hPanel interface. In 2016, Hostinger unveiled its cutting-edge cloud hosting service, marking another milestone in its remarkable evolution. In 2021, the company celebrated a significant milestone with the addition of its 1,000th employee, reinforcing its status as a premier provider of web hosting solutions.

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Our Hostinger Experience & Detail Findings


What server speed features does Hostinger offer?

We have been tracking Hostinger’s hosting performance for years, and the web host consistently impresses us with its solid uptime record.

Hostinger’s lowest shared plan offers basic performance optimization, including Litespeed Server and built-in caching mechanism. For those who need more, their higher shared hosting plans include a number of speed upgrades such as NVMe SSD storage, free CDN, and 4x enhanged processing power.

The company publishes their server and network service status publicly, click here to visit.


Are websites hosted at Hostinger safe?

Hostinger excels in security, offering top-notch measures to safeguard your website. Their platform boasts features like advanced web application firewall (WAF), free SSL, daily backup, to ensure your data remains secure and your site impervious to common cyber threats.


Is Hostinger customer support good?

Customer support at Hostinger is renowned for its efficiency and responsiveness. Help is avaliable via live chat and email.

Value for Money

Does Hostinger offer good value for its pricing?

Hostinger’s pricing is attractive when compared to its features and long-term value. The lowest shared hosting plan, named ‘Premium’ starts at $2.99 per month (renewing at $7.99 per month). This plan allows you to host up to 100 websites and includes 24/7 customer support, a free domain name, daily backups, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Higher-tier plans are also affordable, with VPS hosting starting at $4.49 per month and cloud hosting at $9.99 per month.

Why We Think Hostinger Offers the Best Value Budget Hosting

Additional Benefits for New Signups

Currently, new signups benefit from an exceptional offer. All shared hosting plans come with 3 months free. Plus, using our exclusive promo code ‘HOSTSCORE’ provides an additional 7% discount – which makes them even cheaper.

Extensive Features in Basic Shared Plans

Hostinger’s basic shared hosting plan is particularly generous:

  • Host Up to 100 Websites: Unlike many competitors who limit basic plans to a single website, Hostinger allows you to host up to 100.
  • Comprehensive Freebies: This plan includes a free domain name, free pre-built templates, and advanced WordPress features like speed optimization with LiteSpeed, WP-CLI, SSH access, and WordPress Multisite. These features are typically reserved for higher-tier plans with other providers, making Hostinger’s offering exceptional at this price point.

Enhanced Value in Mid-Level Plans

For just $1 more per month, the mid-level shared hosting plan offers various additional benefits including object cache for WordPress, on-demand backups, a WordPress staging tool, and daily backups. These features add significant value, considering that many other hosts charge $25-$40 per year for auto-backup services alone.

Generous Inode Allowances

Hostinger’s inode limits are impressively high for shared hosting. Lowest shared plan allows up to 400,000 inodes and mid-level shared plan allows up to 600,000! These allowances are among the highest available for shared hosting plans at this price point, ensuring that even sites with extensive files and data can operate smoothly.

Overall Users Satisfaction

What other users think of Hostinger?

User satisfaction with Hostinger is generally positive based on our collected feedback and market research.

Customers frequently commend Hostinger for their excellent customer service, expertise, and patience in resolving issues. Many users have expressed satisfaction with the affordability of the company’s shared hosting plans – noting them as very reasonable. Additionally, the ease of system use is a recurring theme, with users appreciating the user-friendly interface (hPanel).

There are some complaints about server speed and unavailability of customer service, but these appear less frequently than the positive remarks. Overall, the feedback indicates a high level of satisfaction among Hostinger’s users, especially in terms of customer support, affordability, and user experience.

For additional insights, please refer to the user reviews section below.

Beginners Friendliness

Is Hostinger suitable for beginners?

Hostinger shines with affordable pricing, a wide range of hosting upgrades, and outstanding server uptime, making it a top pick for newbies, solo bloggers, and freelancers with smaller sites. But, it’s key to note that this attractive pricing primarily benefits new sign-ups. After the initial period, be prepared for Hostinger’s prices to renew at somewhat higher rates.

Small Business Friendliness

Is Hostinger suitable for small businesses?

Despite its higher renewal costs, Hostinger stands out as a premier choice for business owners. The Hostinger Website Builder (HWB) is particularly noteworthy, featuring 150 pre-designed templates and innovative AI tools like AI writer and AI HeatMap, enabling small businesses to rapidly launch professional websites without any coding skills

Web Developers Friendliness

Is Hostinger suitable for developers?

The unique needs of web developers are only partially met with Hostinger shared plans. In terms of tools, they’re only offering Git which is useful, but far from what a complete developer environment needs. Staging is also possible but much of it must be manual as there doesn’t seem to be automated staging facilities available.

Host Own Email

Can you host your own email accounts ( with Hostinger?

Yes, you can host your own email accounts with Hostinger. This significantly reduces your costs by eliminating the need for expensive third-party email services.


Is it easy to get started with Hostinger as a new customer?

Onboarding with Hosting can be quite reassuring as they seem to have country-specific sites. This means that when you start the buy-in process you’ll be looking at familiar local currencies instead of facing only the US dollar everywhere.

You can choose a contract period of a month, annual, bi-annual or every four years, and this is where you realize that the massive discount promised is only valid on their longest-term contract. Once payment is made, just hang on a little while and you’ll start receiving your account details from their automated system.

Hostinger uses hPanel as its client management system. You can manage all Hostinger products and account details within the same dashboard. It servers as a simple alternative to cPanel. You can also manage your web hosting functions such as domain, DNS zone editor, configure hotlink protection, file and database manager, set up passwords, and more using Hostinger’s hPanel.

Free Trial

Can you try out Hostinger for free?

Yes, Hostinger offers a 30-day free trial period. If you are not satisfied with their services for any reason, you can cancel within this period and receive a full refund.

Try now: Click here to signup at Hostinger official website

Hostinger Plans & Pricing

Hostinger offers various hosting solutions, including Shared, VPS, and Cloud hosting plans. Additionally, the company also provides specialty hosting services, such as Managed WordPress, Adult Websites, Email, and Minecraft hosting.

When evaluating your options, it’s crucial to remember that many hosting companies offer substantial discounts during the initial signup period, but the pricing often increases significantly upon renewal. You should thoroughly research and compare the renewal prices, not just the introductory rates, to understand the true cost of hosting over an extended period.

To help you make a more informed decision, we have prepared two tables below which compare the initial signup and subsequent renewal costs of Hostinger services with several other providers that we actively monitor.

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Hostinger Signup Price vs Others

Web HostSharedVPSDedicatedCloudManaged WPWindows
Hostinger$2.99 - 9.99/mo$4.49 - 19.99/mo$ - /mo$9.99 - 29.99/mo$2.49 - 8.99/mo$ - /mo
WP Engine$ - /mo$ - /mo$ - /mo$35.00 - 675.00/mo$15.00 - 145.00/mo$ - /mo
Verpex$2.99 - 8.99/mo$12.00 - 30.00/mo$39.50 - 113.40/mo$2.99 - 8.99/mo$3.00 - 9.00/mo$18.00 - 95.40/mo
BlueHost$2.95 - 13.95/mo$29.99 - 69.99/mo$89.98 - 139.99/mo$ - /mo$2.95 - 13.95/mo$ - /mo
Hostens$2.00 - 8.00/mo$5.25 - 21.00/mo$49.99 - 89.99/mo$ - /mo$ - /mo$13.13 - 52.50/mo
Cloudways$ - /mo$ - /mo$ - /mo$11.00 - 1056.00/mo$14.00 - 487.00/mo$ - /mo

Hostinger Renewal Price vs Others

Web HostSharedVPSDedicatedCloudManaged WPWindows
Hostinger$7.99 - 24.99/mo$13.99 - 59.99/mo$ - /mo$24.99 - 64.99/mo$11.99 - 24.99/mo$ - /mo
WP Engine$ - /mo$ - /mo$ - /mo$35.00 - 675.00/mo$30.00 - 145.00/mo$ - /mo
Verpex$6.00 - 15.00/mo$20.00 - 50.00/mo$79.00 - 189.00/mo$6.00 - 15.00/mo$6.00 - 15.00/mo$30.00 - 89.00/mo
BlueHost$11.99 - 28.99/mo$79.99 - 142.99/mo$179.99 - 259.99/mo$ - /mo$11.99 - 28.99/mo$ - /mo
Hostens$4.00 - 16.00/mo$7.50 - 30.00/mo$49.99 - 89.99/mo$ - /mo$ - /mo$18.75 - 75.00/mo
Cloudways$ - /mo$ - /mo$ - /mo$11.00 - 1056.00/mo$14.00 - 487.00/mo$ - /mo

Caution: Web hosting prices can change frequently. For the most accurate pricing information please visit the official Hostinger website.

Bottomline: Is Hostinger Right for You?

Hostinger: Our budget shared hosting hero. With its wallet-friendly charm, Hostinger sweeps you off your feet with stellar hosting performance, easy-breezy email setup, and a dashboard so intuitive, even your grandma could navigate it. Imagine globe-trotting server locations and upgrades that grow with you – from newbie to tech guru, they’ve got you covered. And the price? Let’s just say, you won’t have to break your piggy bank.

Perfect for the newbies, the lone wolves of freelancing, and small business hustlers, Hostinger is your golden ticket. Yes, the price hikes post-honeymoon phase might pinch a bit, but the entry deals are sweet enough to let you get started.

Our promo code “HostScore” offers additional 7% discounts – use it in your order page during signup.

Recap: Hostinger Pros & Cons

Hostinger Pros

  • Very cost-effective – Lowest plan starts at $2.99/mo and support up to 100 websites
  • Nine different data centers in four continents
  • Good spread of hosting plans
  • User-friendly control panel (hPanel)
  • Wide range of payment options accepted
  • Git environment available on shared hosting
  • Additional 7% discount with coupon code “HOSTSCORE”

Hostinger Cons

  • Price increase during the renewal
  • Does not support Windows hosting

Alternatives: Other Web Hosts to Consider

In case Hostinger is not right for you, below are some alternatives to consider. You can also find more options in our hosting reviews page (full list).


HostScore: 69.8
Services: Shared, VPS, and Reseller


HostScore: 82.8
Services: Cloud, and Reseller


HostScore: 58.7
Services: VPS, Cloud, and Reseller

Hostinger Company News & Industry Updates

We consistently track company news, including product launches, security breaches, and changes in key personnel, as well as monitor the latest industry trends. This allows us to offer the most up-to-date deals and advice to our readers.

Hostinger User Reviews - What Others Think of the Company?

User Recommendations Summary

Recommended: 62
Not Recommended: 16

(Existing user? Submit your feedback here.)

78 thoughts on “Hostinger Review”

  1. I’m not one to do reviews but this time I couldn’t help but talk about hostinger, CERTAINLY THE BEST ON THE MARKET, thanks to hostinger that today I have one more and the biggest source of income building websites and hosting my clients’ websites, I hope that continue to provide the wonderful service you have always provided

    Yes, Recommended
  2. Great review! Hostinger’s features and performance insights are really helpful. Thanks for sharing this detailed evaluation!

    Yes, Recommended
  3. I heard some bad reviews on another site just after I’d paid for 4 years hosting so I was a bit concerned but so far I’m extremely impressed. Hostinger is a third of the price of the independent guy I was with here in Australia and so much more competent. The reason I chose them was their free migration process and the fact that they take over all the technical side for you so it’s been really simple. They step you through everything you’re unsure of with their AI instant chat so they’re actually teaching us how to do things at the same time, for free. I’ve learnt a lot just migrating my website as I’m fairly tech special. It’s only been a few days but so far they’ve been outstanding to deal with.

    Yes, Recommended
  4. I was working on my website, customizing the headers, colors and uploading my logo, but the website stopped working and i can’t enter and keep working. This is really frustrating as i am losing time. I would appreciate some help.

    The problem was solved, so i am now updating my review to 5 starts as all is actually working very well. Thank You Hostinger

    Yes, Recommended
  5. Tomas understood my question right away and gave me a simple, straight-forward, and easy-to-follow answer. I threw in a few other questions at the end about how to find video tutorials on setting up my website in Host, and he gave me some good links. Above and beyond service with a smile (I couldn’t see his smile, but it felt like he was. haha).

    Yes, Recommended
  6. Hostinger wasted 2 weeks of my time trying to find out where I’m from because some stupid person on the top decided that they do not want to deal with residents of certain countries. They asked for more documents than broker or bank ever asked me.
    I dealt with dozens of hosting companies throughout the years and never experienced such attitude.
    You should stay away from this company and never be seduced by their pricing.
    Customer support is awful!

    No, Not Recommended
  7. I always feel comfortable addressing any issues with Hostinger services because I know I will receive fast and efficient assistance. Recently, my web hosting expired, and after more than a month, I assumed my files were lost. However, when I contacted Hostinger support, I found that all my files were still available. They helped me transfer everything from the old hosting to the new one and resolved all the issues I encountered during the process.

    Yes, Recommended
  8. I couldn’t be happier to use Hostinger for mine and my client’s websites… The server is amazingly fast, the customer service team is always ready to help with any query you may have, and overall my experience has been nothing but exceptional.
    Many thanks to David for your amazing support on this last enquiry I had.
    I definitely recommend Hostinger for any of your online hosting needs.

    Yes, Recommended
  9. New here
    a lot of services for a cheap price
    you can select main geo for fast loading, get free email boxes with spam control, get free domain, get full site builder and all of this just less than for 100 Euros for 2 years. Probably the best. Also its easy to share your collaborators(for example freelancers) an access to hosting panel to make neccesary actions.
    Email services are easy to use and have web/software access

    Highly recommend

    Yes, Recommended
  10. After searching for a reliable hosting service for my multiple websites, I decided to go with Hostinger based on a friend’s recommendation. Upon exploring their offerings, I found exactly what I needed.

    I’ve been a satisfied Hostinger user for many years, and I’m giving them a 5-star rating because of their excellent service. They have transparent pricing with no hidden fees and never bother me with unsolicited sales pitches. The platform allows me to effortlessly manage all my websites from a single, user-friendly dashboard. I can’t comment on their customer service because I’ve never had to reach out for support. Overall, I’m very pleased with Hostinger. Thank you, Hostinger!

    Yes, Recommended
  11. Wanted a good hosting for multiple websites, and a friend of mine recommended Hostinger. A detailed look through the services they offered helped me get exactly what I was looking for.
    The reason to give 5 stars is the fact that I’m happy with the service they offer (I’ve been using Hostinger for many years). No hidden costs, no annoying contact attempts with unsolicited commercial offers or such things. I can manage all websites in one place with a user-friendly and simple interface. Can say nothing about the customer service, as I never needed to contact them. Thank you, Hostinger!

    Yes, Recommended
  12. I have purchased the Cloud Startup plan but they are provide same support as per other plan.
    They are not provide any Priority Support.

    Very bad support experience.

    And Temporary Link of website is works only 14 days
    They are not mention this on the purchase plan info page.

    Please take care before purchase

    No, Not Recommended
  13. It`s great that Hostinger is an affordable and effective platform for new businesses and startups, I start my real estate business recently with my Hostinger platform, URLs are and All of my websites in WP hostinger platform with google plugin like google insite and google analytic.

    Yes, Recommended
  14. After transferring my DNS information from Hover to Hostinger, I panicked when everything worked except my email, which is hosted on Gmail.

    The configuration process was complicated and beyond my expertise. Luckily, Hostinger’s chat support quickly assessed the issue and fixed it in no time, all with a friendly and personable communication style.

    This was my first support interaction with Hostinger, and I couldn’t be more impressed. It really feels like I made the right choice in web hosting!

    Yes, Recommended
  15. One of the reasons I opted for Hostinger’s paid service is the live chat support with a real person.
    Most of the instructions provided by the FAQs and ChatBots can be helpful, but when you are pushed for time and need your focus on other pressing issues it does save a lot of time and hassle when a real person can hop on and take care of stuff they are trained to do. The pleasant attitude also helps

    Yes, Recommended
  16. I loved that Emily understood the question and provided detailed feedback with links to relevant articles. She nudged me without even knowing it to a suitable solution and when I asked if that solution would work, she responded positively in detail. I just love your use of AI to power your platform. Great work!

    Yes, Recommended
  17. Although newbie at Hostinger, I’ve experienced great support readind first your articles. Articles are as small and simple and as complete as your customer needs. Although i’m in completely different computer science fields for more than 35 years, since youngster, Website builder is very easy to use, having a very good user Interface. Your representitive’s Dmitriy help was excellent as i already have described. Bot as first contact was very good but my problem was elsewhere and bot could not help me more. Thank you, Keep doing that great job in Whole!

    Yes, Recommended
  18. We host multiple websites with Hostinger and recently they changed a security policy and NONE of the websites work when accessed with ExpressVPN. This means, if any of your customer uses ExpressVPN, they will be unable to access your websites!

    No, Not Recommended
  19. Easy to use app and a lot of things work nicely together. I have been using hostinger for about 2 years and my only complaint is how to cancel a subscription or downgrade you need to contact support or go through billing info. Should be a feature in the app. Arianna was great strait to the point and wasted no time trying to formulate her answer. Kind of annoying how it tries to force you to look at the previous answers then uses the ai bot to try and answer what you already did not find.

    No, Not Recommended
  20. Its service is good and hosting is worth the money and blog is very good on it and full support is also available in it and money is also refunded within 30 days. I liked Hostinger the most.

    Yes, Recommended
  21. Customer service chat awesome knew exactly what I was trying to do and saved me days of work … wasn’t for them I would have to rebuild my website but thanks to her I’m gd now

    Yes, Recommended
  22. After a very frustrating hour of trying to get to actually talk to a human, Maria answered my questions, assuring me that all will work out smoothly. The website is not very helpful when trying to get to a human. Only when clicking around in the detailed FAQ, the chat finally worked rather than just going to the help system. Very frustrating to say the least. If the website was easier to find that information, the question could have been answered much sooner and more efficiently. Maria did a great job.

    No, Not Recommended
  23. Your hosting service not runing smothly at all, even Claud Enterprice with simple presta eshop. Resourses we buy are cut, visible differences when try to compare with competitors same resourses same processes. Conection timeout is limited to shortest possible time, not even enough to open prestashop product on backend. Customer service only able to offer to use VPS server, which we do not need at all. We are longterm customer of Hostinger, but looks like would be NOT anymore.

    No, Not Recommended
  24. Hostinger is one of the best and most affordable hosting providers. It has its own hpanel that contains all the necessary tools to manage shared hosting. As I am a happy customer of Hostinger i bought shared hosting for 4 years. In my experience I can say it is the best-hosting provider one of the best parts of its accessibility, if you want to share your database with the developer you can directly share the URL of your online database with credentials you cant imagine how it makes my life easier. Hostinger supports is also wonderful they will help you in each and every step.

    Yes, Recommended
  25. The hosting services are trustworthy. The response time and support services are reliable. That is for client satisfaction and Hostinger provides excellent services.

    I would recommend it.


    Yes, Recommended
  26. Great sales call unfortunately the reality was a joke!
    I wanted to migrate 3 websites which did not transfer well. Support (they really should change the name of that) was someone sending me a bunch of how to documents and wanting me to edit SQL databases etc. Im not completely stupid with I.T but I chose “Managed” service as no longer wanted to manage my own VPS server. Finally for someone to give some hands on help but 6 days later & still no feedback on migration.
    Personally Ive found Hostinger a complete waste of space and most definitely the support is not any kind of support just links to enable DIY help. One support person once pushed admitted they weren’t skilled enough to do any database amendments I was !
    30 day moneyback guarantee so using that and going somewhere with real support !!!!! Ignore the adverts and salesmen the reality is VERY different and they simply don’t care.

    No, Not Recommended
  27. A technical person Reja assisted in solving my email problems on two specific domains. She investigated the problem and then her answers were so precise and easy to understand – It was a pleasure dealing with Hostinger Help Desk.

    Yes, Recommended
  28. Let me tell you, I was dreading getting started with website hosting. It all seemed so technical and expensive. But then I found Hostinger, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer!

    Super Easy to Use: I’m no tech whiz, but setting up my website with Hostinger was a breeze. Their control panel is super intuitive, and everything is clearly labeled. They even have a drag-and-drop website builder that makes creating a beautiful site a snap, even for beginners like me.

    Amazingly Cheap: I was floored by how affordable Hostinger’s plans are. I got exactly what I needed for my website at a price that fit my budget perfectly. They even have introductory offers that make it even more enticing!

    Top-Notch Support: Just in case I did run into a snag (which, thankfully, haven’t been many), their customer support team is fantastic. They’re friendly, knowledgeable, and always happy to help. Whether it’s through chat or email, they’ve got my back.

    Highly Recommend! Honestly, I can’t recommend Hostinger enough. If you’re looking for an affordable, easy-to-use website hosting solution, look no further! With Hostinger, you get amazing value for your money, and they make the whole process painless. Five stars all around!

    Yes, Recommended
  29. Hostinger has been my hosting provider for a long time. I trust their service and good price. Their customer service is prompt in chats and effective. My recent interaction with Justė was awesome, as she resolved my issues in a very short time.

    Overall, I am satisfied with Hostinger.

    Yes, Recommended
  30. I have been customer from 4 years. Good hosting company in terms of terms of tech but they are becoming too greedy now. Also support is becoming useless

    3 days back until 3rd March 2024 I was able to see, renewal charges Rs.20,000 (already Rs.8000 more than new customer)

    Now as day passed and my renewal date approaches, they suddenly changed renewal charges to Rs.28,000 .

    Though they are just copy pasting me old and new customer charge templates which are not relevant.

    I can see lower renewal charges in other accounts. I just referred on friend and it started charging exorbitantly.
    Never thought of publishing review here

    No, Not Recommended
  31. My website is very important to me for many reasons. It is comforting to know that Hostinger and all employees are helpful. It is also important that I am able to extend my message to other people all over our world by language translating, which you offer. Thank you!

    Yes, Recommended
  32. I would like to provide an excellent evaluation for the employee Charef from the Customer Service department at Hostinger platform. Charef has shown a high level of professionalism and dedication in providing service. He was very friendly and cooperative, and efficiently resolved my issue with speed. I am very grateful for his excellent demeanor and performance, and look forward to dealing with him again in the future

    Yes, Recommended
  33. The customer support is number 1 bar none. I had a problem with domain, email and website configuration. The FAQ that was offered to me was very helpful. And when I need human assistance, the help was so wonderful. I would recommend for anyone.

    Yes, Recommended
  34. The Hostinger Customer Service is outstanding!
    Pingky who helped me tonight knew her stuff!
    She was very calm and patient and solved my problem.
    Thanks, Hostinger!
    I will not be moving anywhere soon.

    Yes, Recommended
  35. I run an online business, and for an online business, a website is a must-have factor for an online business in 2021. And Hostinger helps me in building and hosting my website. Hostinger shared hosting is perfect for beginners who want to start a website or a blog with a low budget. Hostinger shared hosting is ideal for people who low money to start a website.

    Yes, Recommended
  36. 3 bad things about this service.
    1. The built-in constructor is primitive and doesn’t suit my portfolio website. (Like, for example, make a title video/picture fullscreen wide, but not in the middle of the screen).
    2. They have no real people solving your problems. All they have pretending to be a support is a ChatGPT talking to you like a parrot.
    3. And the worst reason is that they don’t allow you to return your maney, as opposed to being advertised, other than make a refund to the Hostinger balance to purchase more of their services.!?!. I mean, it is a fraud, isn’t it?
    Real fact, after talking to their GPTSupport, they don’t allow me to get a refund. I wish I could attach a screenshot to this review.

    No, Not Recommended
  37. All the things I have tried to do have worked the way I was told they would. Things I haven’t understood as well explained by helpful videos or by text. I haven’t really experienced any problems so I don’t know what the reaction to one of those would be. But I’m very pleased not to have experienced any problems

    No, Not Recommended
  38. Whenever I have needed help, the human touch and total customer centric approach has resolved the matter at hand soon enough and with not much effort. I personally consider this standard as a must though very often it is bypassed when it comes to so many competing service providers. Thank you so much Hostinger for all you do!

    Yes, Recommended
  39. The girl recognised my problem in a matter of seconds and gave me a choice for the solution, she explained the pros and cons so I was clear about the decision to make.

    As soon as I gave her my answer she was really quick to execute this solution.

    I was pleased that it didn’t take long to explain what I needed and that the solution was not too cumbersome or with too many steps.

    Yes, Recommended
  40. I had trouble with the hosting plan I purchased because it was an overseas account. I reached out to Customer Support and they got everything straightened out smoothly.

    Yes, Recommended
  41. Hostinger is a terrible platform that offers incredibly poor hosting at exorbitant prices.

    I purchased a one-year VPS plan. It’s suspended after one and a half months. I’ve made multiple attempts to get it open, but they always ask for renewal, which means I have to pay this extremely inexpensive standby company again. Thus, #DeclineToHostinger For the best hosting, use other businesses or locate a local host in your own city.

    No, Not Recommended
  42. Myla went above and beyond in assisting me with my email issue on Hostinger support. Her prompt response, expertise, and patience were truly commendable. I am incredibly grateful for her outstanding assistance. Thank you, Myla!

    Yes, Recommended
  43. I was tired of my hosting provider and all the spam coming through it or the email accounts under that provider. With Hostinger, the migration from a different host provider was seamless. The supporting team is amazing, especially Ramiro, he is great.
    A website migration can be really frustrating but Hostinger makes it a breeze. And what is best: No spam anymore. I hope it keeps working this way
    Thank you Hostinger and team!

    Yes, Recommended
  44. I’ve been using many hosting services for the past few years, but none of them satisfied me quite like Hostinger. They offer great pricing and their customer service has been fantastic. I haven’t faced any issues that they couldn’t fix.

    Yes, Recommended
  45. My chat bot just wasnt working and i found it a little hard to find anyone to contact but once I was emailing someone they were very helpful and resolved my issue quickly

    Yes, Recommended
  46. The agents were very helpful. If the agent have limited knowledge on a particular part, another agent will help. They gave me a good understanding of the problem I am facing.

    Yes, Recommended
  47. hostinger is awesome ,they are EVERYTHING and more you can ask for. If they continue to be like this i swear to god i will stay with them forever. My website with them is awesome ,its beautiful professional and very easy to make. Hostinger is my daddy. They are a country mile better in every facet then other service providers the big companies who i wont mention.Thanks dad, i mean hostinger

    Yes, Recommended
  48. I used the chat feature and Caio addressed my issues quickly and courteously. I think Hostinger hires the best people! The control panel for domains and hosting is so insightful and easy to use. Thanks Hostinger and Cail

    Yes, Recommended
  49. I always seem to have issues with support. Let me start off with I have VPS cloud hosting and have 2 websites on their hosting plan. Myself and 2 other developers have had issues uploading a WordPress theme. I was told to click on Website and it will take me to upload a theme, but it takes me to buy-hosting. It’s been over 30 minutes and I am now still on hold. I finally did have tech support, but their support links were without step-by-step guidance. Their service is terrible, but still better than Hostgator products and runaround.

    No, Not Recommended
  50. the great think that I like in Hostinger support is that they are available anytime and fast to ansewr, moreover they are so kind while they solve your issues

    Yes, Recommended
  51. I really appreciate how the Hostinger team provides assistance. I was especially nicely supported today, as if I was being spoon fed. Farah was quite helpful in getting my job completed. She is extremely patient and honest with my novice inquiry and has taught me so much that I wish I could not ask about it again.

    Your company is going nicely. I wish this fate remains continuous indefinitely!

    Yes, Recommended
  52. No ip support for just setting up a temporary non-public domain with the hosting service, You have to pay for extra VPS service. Not accessible enough, enforcing their own system on to the user. Not a flexible option imo.

    No, Not Recommended
  53. Uptime is great. Pricing is reasonable. Customer service is timely and knowledgeable. I can get a real person on chat any time I need.

    Recommended & well worth the money I spend yearly.

    Yes, Recommended
  54. Great and helpful team. I have been with Hostinger for 2 years. I have been receiving strange emails regarding my Wordpress site, the team helped me to determine they are phishing emails. I also received domain registration messages from and they helped me to update my registration information.

    Yes, Recommended
  55. Hostinger no doubt is a budget-friendly web hosting provider that offers solid performance and reliable uptime at a very affordable price.

    Their user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage your website, and their 24/7 support team is always available to help with any issues you may encounter.

    Overall, I would highly recommend Hostinger for individuals and small businesses looking for a budget-friendly option without sacrificing quality.

    Yes, Recommended
  56. Hostinger is a great option for small businesses, start-ups, or individual freelancers who are just starting out with their online presence. However, as a business expands and the website traffic increases, Hostinger may not be the best option for larger projects. The limited resources and the shared hosting environment may not be able to handle the increased traffic and performance demands of a growing business.

    Yes, Recommended
  57. I’m a designer that needs reliable web hosting services. Hostinger is just phenomenal in terms of quality and customer service. Besides, the user interface is among the best. Intuitive and easy to use. Unlike other bigger sharks out there who only cares about jacking you for more money after first year.

    Yes, Recommended
  58. Well, there are lots of other cheap hosting providers in the market. But the facilities Hostinger is providing are unmatchable. It is the best choice for beginners. I am using Hostinger for the past 1.5 years and I am 100% satisfied with it.

    Yes, Recommended
  59. Hosting Support is outstanding. I have a few accounts for my clients and the uptime is always great.

    And when it comes to the cost, its super cheap. You won’t regret, once you subscribe for it. I can recommend go for 4 years to enjoy every penny.

    I am using it since 2016, super happy!

    Yes, Recommended
  60. Well, what can i say, being a web designer, I keep on trying new hosting providers, for my new clients. And so far I have been using DreamHost for only 3 of my clients.

    Was a bit hesitant earlier, but fortunately it turned out really well. All the 3 clients were happy with the performance of it, and they could see a spike on the traffic on their business websites.

    Yes, Recommended
  61. One day I enquired about Hosting plans and I need to host my new site. But for my simple query they took around 18 hours to reply. I was shocked and the representative replied to me that if you need more websites to host within the current plan you have to upgrade to premium, which was not what I am expecting to hear from them.

    I thought about what kind of support they are providing, even though for simple query they couldn’t answer well. I escalated this issue to the next level and got cleared my doubts within 1hour.

    So my point is sometimes we have to make noise in order to get good support. All are humans and need guidance to make steps. I still recommend them because they are providing the best pricing to their hosting spaces. For support, you have to take care and monitor them well.


    Yes, Recommended
  62. I have been using hostinger for a year now and haven’t faced any issues. I started as a newbie but never faced any issues. Customer service is always great.

    Yes, Recommended
  63. I tried several hosting companies including the industry leaders and popular web hosting companies such as Hostgator, Godaddy, Justhost etc. Hostinger offers a similar service at a very affordable (I MUST SAY CHEAP) rate. I must say that so far, their uptime has been 100% for me (since the day I signed up). Their customer service is prompt and helpful. I am hosting my tiny startup’s website and I can pay Monthly! Very convenient.

    Yes, Recommended
  64. I am using DreamHost for a quite a sometime. they have an easy control Panel to use for a beginner who just started their own site. It has lots of features to offer.

    It’s easy to maintain once you start.
    “Best hosting company for new users.”

    Yes, Recommended
  65. Being a novice is hard enough when starting out, however one thing I have learnt whilst starting my online journey is to partner yourself with experts and in this case Hostinger has more than delivered on several occasions.

    Yes, Recommended
  66. I have had a number of hosting packages in the past and I was a bit nervous at the cool discouts offered by Hostinger as usually cheap is not often cheerful. However, I have had excellent service with them. They answer all my questions and usually solve my problems. So, far it has been a really great experience and i recommend them to everynone.

    Yes, Recommended
  67. El soporte de hostinger es muy bueno, dan respuestas claras y te atienden de una forma muy cordial.


    [Google Translate]

    The hostinger support is very good, they give clear answers and they attend you in a very cordial way.

    Yes, Recommended
  68. Read great reviews, saw cheap prices, decided to go for it, and…not disappointed! Great service with very, very quick, and helpful staff.

    Yes, Recommended
  69. I signed up nearly one month ago and could not get the email accounts work after many trials. In general, their supports are good but sometime very hard to get hold of, leaving my online inquiries unattended for a long time. We have not yet set up our website and only tried emails. It appears our Outlook clients (versions from 2007+) do not completely match their servers and cannot download or pull the emails from their servers.

    No, Not Recommended

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