GoDaddy: Launches Arabic Website

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GoDaddy says it aims to empower entrepreneurs. In that spirit, the web hosting company has introduced a new Arabic website in beta.

With this new website, GoDaddy’s customer support, marketing, and website experience will all be available in Arabic. This development would help local entrepreneurs and small businesses across the Middle East and North Africa to grow their online presence, and also access GoDaddy’s products and services.

With over 270 million Arabic speakers, Arabic is the fourth most-used language online. However, most website users rely on automatic translation software to view content in their local languages. Hence, content in Arabic is often misinterpreted.

Most Middle Eastern businesses don’t create company websites in Arabic because it’s time-consuming. Plus, finding accurate and useful information in Arabic is tough.

The Need for an Arabic Website

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has noticed a substantial growth in small businesses, hence the need for GoDaddy to provide support for these Arabic-language-speaking businesses. Up to 90 percent of businesses in MENA comprise micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). More so, the GCC region‘s MSMEs sector has a 156 percent potential growth in the next five years, creating employment opportunities for 22 million people.

The essence of GoDaddy’s new Arabic website is to support the everyday small business owner and entrepreneur across the MENA region. It also aims to give them easy accessibility to essential customer support, content, solutions, and digital tools in their local language.

Accesing GoDaddy’s Arabic Website

You can access the Arabic language website by going to the footer of and then clicking on the “region-language” dropdown menu as illustrated in the image below.

The senior regional director at GoDaddy for South Africa, MENA, and Turkey, Selina Bieber, said that they had localized their marketing communications in both English and Arabic across the MENA region.

Bieber said that this would help in raising awareness of the benefits of having an online presence as a business and also of the GoDaddy brand.

GoDaddy’s regional director also stated that GoDaddy is focused on providing its Arabic customers with a customer experience that makes it easy to use their online products and services. She also expressed the company’s eagerness to connect with them and welcome their feedback as GoDaddy engages more with its customers in the region.

About GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a leading domain registrar. The web hosting service empowers more than 19 million customers across the globe. Apart from its web hosting offers, GoDaddy also has a CSR program that supports Zoos, hospitals, and so on.

Additionally, GoDaddy provides website builders, e-commerce solutions, email marketing, website security, and SSL certification.

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