GoDaddy Now Enables Users to Sell Their Products on Facebook and Instagram

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GoDaddy integrates new marketing tools that simplify selling on Instagram and Facebook.

GoDaddy has released extra features on its Website+Marketing Ecommerce. The popular web hosting provider and domain registrar extends sales to social media.

The platform lets customers sell their products on Instagram and Facebook. The new integration caters to about 130 million Instagram users who engage monthly with shopping posts.

This GoDaddy offer is available to users of their Website+Marketing Ecommerce product. The product includes,

  • Website Builder,
  • Online Store,
  • Digital Marketing Suite,
  • Templates,

And more features.

GoDaddy aims to help customers and merchants can improve sales and increase their client base by enabling them to sell on Facebook and Instagram.

GoDaddy Gives E-commerce a New Look

With GoDaddy’s Websites+Marketing product, small businesses can set up online shops. They can create shopping posts, lists, and fulfill orders all on Instagram and Facebook.

When users add products to their websites, the information syncs with their social media. The description, photos, and prices appear on their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

The VP of Product at GoDaddy, Greg Goldfarb, explains why the upgrade is important. According to him, “The goal of these features is to help entrepreneurs grow online.” He also added that “It’s critical they sell where they’ll make the most engagement.”

This latest integration enables important activities on popular marketplaces. Users can:

  • List products
  • Manage inventory, and
  • Fulfill orders 

These users can also sell on Etsy, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Google Shopping, thanks to the GoDaddy feature.

GoDaddy adopted Facebook’s Business Extension in its early days. Albeit, the new integration will let customers create Facebook Dynamic Ads. This allows them to maximize and leverage their customers’ purchase activities.

GoDaddy plans to add more features to its Websites + Marketing Ecommerce integration. Soon, users will have Instagram checkout and automated Facebook Shops functionalities.

These additions will enable businesses to make the best out of the opportunity in the future.

Marketing Ecommerce With an Over-the-Top Design

GoDaddy also reveals the content design app, Over, is now integrated into the platform. Now, users will be able to create stunning visuals using their well-curated library.

They can design professional photos and logos for their brands. Users can also provide branded content, customized ads, and other business essentials.

Matt Winn, VP of Product Management at GoDaddy, also confirmed the integration’s features. He stated that Websites+Marketing allows entrepreneurs to appear on relevant platforms. They get to places where their customers spend time.

Winn also explained that any customers can use Over’s powerful design tools. Stating that skill level can’t hinder their performance.

The new content design tools are available to all Websites + Marketing Ecommerce users. They are compatible across devices. Plus, users can download them on Google Play Store and Apple App Store as a standalone app.

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About GoDaddy

GoDaddy Inc. is the world’s leading domain registrar and web hosting company. With its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, GoDaddy empowers the global community of entrepreneurs. It provides the tools and services they need to grow online.

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