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ScalaHosting Review

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ScalaHosting has a full range of products including VPS hosting with its in-house built control panel, sPanel. The “Anytime Unconditional Money-back Guarantee” offered by the company transforms their offers into an irresistible proposition, particularly for those eager to experiment with their services without any financial risk.

Good for: Beginners-friendly, Budget, Small Business, International Website, eCommerce, Enterprise, or Managed WordPress Hosting


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What We Think About ScalaHosting Hosting

ScalaHosting Pros

  • Outstanding hosting uptime and speed performance
  • Affordable pricing
  • Anytime unconditional Money-back Guarantee
  • Automated backup with 7 restore points
  • Generous offer in server resources – Even the lowest shared plan gets unmetered bandwidth and unlimited emails
  • NVMe SSD storage for all shared hosting plans
  • Innovative technology – SPanel, SShield, SWordPress

ScalaHosting Cons

  • Price increase during the renewal

ScalaHosting – Our Experiences & Findings

Performance ScalaHosting is renowned for its impressive uptime and speed performance. Their platform employs cutting edge technologies such as built-in caching mechanism, HTTP-2, NVMe SSD storage, Nginx / Litespeed server – All these speed upgrades make Scala-hosted websites load lighting fast.
Security ScalaHosting excels in security, offering top-notch measures to safeguard your website. Their platform boasts features like advanced web application firewall (WAF), free SSL, daily backup, to ensure your data remains secure and your site impervious to common cyber threats.
Supports ScalaHosting is known for its dedicated customer support, offering comprehensive solutions and tailored advice to address specific hosting needs. Help is avaliable via live chat and email.
Value for Money? ScalaHosting is very cheap when weighed against its feature offerings and long-term cost. At $2.95 per month (renews at $6.95/mo), basic shared hosting allows you to host 1 website with 24/7 customer support, daily backup, and anytime money back guarantee. Higher plans with better features like VPS starts at $29.95/mo, cloud hosting at $39.95/mo and dedicated hosting at $/mo.
What Other Users Think? Overall user satisfaction with ScalaHosting, as per our market research, is highly favorable. Customers love Scala for their solid server uptime, fast and knowledgeable tech support, and powerful VPS control system (sPanel), Many users have had long-term, positive experiences with ScalaHosting – which indicates a high level of reliability and after-sales service over extended periods.
Suitable for Newbies? ScalaHosting offers a great mix for newbies with its extensive product range and superior server performance. Exclusive to ScalaHosting, the sPanel and SShield provide an affordable, high-quality control panel and AI-powered security. These features ensure reliable, efficient hosting and robust content protection for newbies.

Suitable for Small Business? Similarly, ScalaHosting excels as a small business-friendly option with its diverse product lineup and top-tier server performance, ensuring smooth, efficient website operations. Its exclusive sPanel and SShield tools offer cost-effective hosting control and AI-powered security. The competitive pricing, especially in sPanel’s licensing compared to cPanel or Plesk, positions ScalaHosting as a budget-wise, quality choice for small businesses.
Suitable for Web Developers? Scalahosting stands out for web developers with its robust features in all hosting plans. A built-in staging tool, SSH access, custom PHP settings, and diversed choices in development environment setup (Django, Node.js, Python, etc) – all these are crucial for development and testing. Also, its scalability and dependable uptime make it a solid choice for projects of any size.
Onboarding Onboarding to ScalaHosting is quick and smooth. Their onboarding process is smooth and clean without any of the sometimes annoying upsells that hosting companies are apt to try. That seems in-line very much with their user-friendly dashboard and site management features.

Learn more, visit ScalaHosting online.

ScalaHosting Plans & Pricing

ScalaHosting offers various hosting solutions, including Shared, Cloud, and Reseller hosting plans. Additionally, the company also provides specialty hosting services, such as Managed WordPress, Email, and Minecraft hosting.

When evaluating your options, it’s crucial to remember that many hosting companies offer substantial discounts during the initial signup period, but the pricing often increases significantly upon renewal. You should thoroughly research and compare the renewal prices, not just the introductory rates, to understand the true cost of hosting over an extended period.

To help you make a more informed decision, we have prepared two tables below which compare the initial signup and subsequent renewal costs of ScalaHosting services with several other providers that we actively monitor.

Review ScalaHosting Signup Price

Web HostSharedVPSDedicatedCloudWordPressWindows
ScalaHosting$2.95 - 19.95/mo$29.95 - 179.95/mo$ - /mo$39.95 - 189.95/mo$2.95 - 19.95/mo$40.00 - 485.00/mo
Hostgator$3.75 - 6.25/mo$34.99 - 93.99/mo$89.98 - 139.99/mo$4.50 - 13.95/mo$4.50 - 13.95/mo$4.76 - 14.36/mo
Vice Temple$3.75 - 44.00/mo$28.00 - 418.00/mo$165.00 - 2420.00/mo$ - /mo$ - /mo$ - /mo
Cloudways$ - /mo$ - /mo$ - /mo$11.00 - 1056.00/mo$14.00 - 487.00/mo$ - /mo
SiteGround$3.99 - 10.69/mo$ - /mo$ - /mo$100.00 - 400.00/mo$3.99 - 10.69/mo$ - /mo
HostPapa$2.95 - 12.95/mo$19.99 - 249.99/mo$ - /mo$ - /mo$19.95 - 114.95/mo$ - /mo

Review ScalaHosting Renewal Price

Web HostSharedVPSDedicatedCloudWordPressWindows
ScalaHosting$6.95 - 24.94/mo$46.95 - 196.95/mo$ - /mo$49.95 - 199.95/mo$6.95 - 19.95/mo$40.00 - 485.00/mo
Hostgator$9.99 - 19.99/mo$79.95 - 149.95/mo$179.99 - 279.00/mo$8.95 - 17.95/mo$8.95 - 17.95/mo$12.99 - 21.99/mo
Vice Temple$3.75 - 44.00/mo$28.00 - 418.00/mo$165.00 - 2420.00/mo$ - /mo$ - /mo$ - /mo
Cloudways$ - /mo$ - /mo$ - /mo$11.00 - 1056.00/mo$14.00 - 487.00/mo$ - /mo
SiteGround$17.99 - 44.99/mo$ - /mo$ - /mo$100.00 - 400.00/mo$17.99 - 44.99/mo$ - /mo
HostPapa$2.95 - 12.95/mo$19.99 - 249.99/mo$ - /mo$ - /mo$19.95 - 114.95/mo$ - /mo

Bottomline: Is ScalaHosting Right for You?

ScalaHosting, with a high HostScore above 85%, is strongly recommended for a variety of users, including beginners, small businesses, and those needing international or eCommerce hosting solutions. The web host stands out for its impressive uptime, affordable pricing, and innovative technologies like SPanel and SShield. Despite a price increase upon renewal, its value proposition remains strong.

Alternatives to ScalaHosting

Digital Ocean

HostScore: 72.3
Services: Cloud


HostScore: 65.2
Services: Cloud


HostScore: 62.5
Services: Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Reseller

Your Thoughts on ScalaHosting

3 thoughts on “ScalaHosting Review”

  1. I was struggling to decide if I should move from the Scala4 shared server to the new VPS with sPanel. Had to move about 40 client’s websites. Transfer went very well and it was free. There were some difficult outside settings in the DNS and other items with some of the websites, but all was solved in 10min. I can’t thank the support here from getting us through the new stuff. They responded quickly and were able to make the dns changes that we were struggling with. Answered our questions very quickly and even when a setting was not exactly what we thought..they responded so fast to make it work for us. Moving from one server to another and also to adapt to a new control panel… could not have gone better because of the help we got from the Scala Support team.

  2. I so glad to be with Scala hosting! Fantastic support and best choice!

    I recommend this hosting for anyone who wanna start own business website!

  3. Been using Scalahosting for about a year. Starting well, great support always helping and great prices.

    Now recently they’ve increased their prices by quite a bit and support has IP blocked me from using their chat even though I was never rude. When I’ve bypassed the IP block and asked for simple help about pointing a domain to another IP they claim this is impossible since the other IP uses a different nameserver which to me makes no sense.

    Will be looking for a new host for my business now.

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