Liquidweb Buys ServerSide, Hosting Provider for Microsoft Windows CMS

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Liquid Web is a leading provider of managed application services and hosting for small businesses and enterprises. In the bid to improve its competitiveness, the Michigan-based hosting provider acquired ServerSide.

This buy adds to Liquid Web’s portfolio as the host of the prominent Microsoft Windows Content Management Solutions.

Additionally, Liquid Web’s acquisition of ServerSide strengthens the company’s VMware cloud hosting capabilities for medium and small businesses, introduced in 2019. Also, this buy fast-tracks Liquid Web’s entry into the Sitecore, Kentico, and Progress Sitefinity hosting market.

ServerSide’s team, including the CEO and founder, Steve Oren, worked with Liquid Web in helping lead the migration of customers from their platform to Liquid Web’s.

The Essence of This Buy

According to Liquid Web’s CTO, Joe Osterling, buying ServerSide goes along with the company’s mission to host market-leading content management platforms.

Osterling also mentioned that the company is excited to build on the relationship that ServerSide has with Sitecore, Kentico, Sitefinity, and their other partners in the ecosystem.

Furthermore, Steve Oren, the former CEO at ServerSide, stated that they are happy to join the Liquid Web team. He also said that they’ve successfully migrated their customers to the Liquid Web platform and are working together to implement their VMware architecture widely within Liquid Web.

Additionally, Oren mentioned that they are looking forward to utilizing Liquid Web’s scale in becoming a major player in the Windows CMS ecosystems.

What’s ServerSide Bringing to Liquid Web?

ServiceSide’s mission is to offer its clients exceptionally-managed Enterprise CMS cloud services.

Along with its CMS solutions, ServerSide offers a wide range of managed cloud services across different data centers. These services include:

  • Load balancing
  • Firewall services
  • Managed security
  • Storage services
  • Data and computing services
  • Content distribution services
  • Hardware and operating systems management
  • Database management
  • Applications management and;
  • Performance management

ServerSide brings its vast knowledge of Microsoft technologies and CMS platforms, along with their expertise and experience as CMS developers and hosts.

About Liquid Web

With over 20 years as a web hosting provider, the Liquid Web brand comprises four companies; InterWorx, iThemes, Nexcess, and Liquid Web. These companies deliver managed services, solutions, and software for mission-critical applications, stores, and sites to SMBs and the agencies, developers, and designers that build for them.

About ServerSide

Established in 1999, ServerSide has offers its clients solutions around digital experience management, application integration, and CMS implementation. Also, the company has clients across a wide range of businesses, going from small businesses and to Fortune 500 clients.

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