WooCommerce and AutomateWoo Integration Comes with New Features for Users

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WooCommerce has updated AutomateWoo with a new automated booking feature.

The WooCommerce plugin helps shop owners streamline their eCommerce marketing processes, converting and retaining customers using automated marketing. 

It also automates and optimizes customer communications, smoothening the follow-up and feedback processes. AutomateWoo 5.3 comes with new features that automate WooCommerce Bookings.

It lets visitors book appointments, reservations, or rentals and keeps them updated about their bookings, making it perfect for booking businesses to improve customer experience and decrease cancellations.

The new feature also enables businesses to upsell customers after they book.

What AutomateWoo Does


AutomateWoo makes life easier for users and the customers happy. 

It does all the hard works, freeing space for shop owners to focus on the things that matter—growing their stores and making more money.

Here are some of what it does:

  • The new booking feature helps automate WooCommerce booking.
  • It makes sending customers a pre-booking confirmation email and collecting post-booking feedback painless.
  • The new ‘Booking Status Changed’ trigger allows users to set up workflow at any point in a booking cycle—after confirmation or after completing a booking.
  • AutomateWoo automatically follows up with customers who buy specific products, ask them for a review, or suggest other products.
  • It automates cart abandonment emails, sending them at set intervals.
  • It wins back inactive customers, targeting them with automated email marketing, special offers, and recommendations.
  • AutomateWoo encourages customers to give product reviews by offering discounts for reviews.
  • The plugin helps shopper owners automate birthday emails and delights them with special coupons.
  • It notifies customers before their saved credit or debit card expires, which helps reduce failed payments and churn.
  • AutomateWoo encourages word-of-mouth sales by making it effortless for customers to refer their friends.
  • The solution makes it easier for shop owners to reward their best customers with VIP status based on different spend requirements.

How AutomateWoo Works

AutomateWoo is a complete solution that automates all aspects of WooCommerce marketing. It takes less effort to set up, giving WooCommerce shop owners complete control of their campaigns.

The solution works using workflows, which comprises Triggers, rules, and Actions.

Triggers start the workflow, for example, when customers complete an order or make a booking. Rules determine the condition the trigger runs, while Action defines what happens when a customer triggers an event.

AutomateWoo Integrations

AutomateWoo integrations help it deliver on its promises, including: 

  • Integrating with WooCommerce Subscription to help users create workflows based on subscription events
  • WooCommerce Points and Rewards integration to make it easier to add and remove points using automated workflows
  • Integrating WooCommerce Memberships to help users create workflows that automate follow-up emails, reward loyal customers and track membership cancellations
  • A newer version that integrates with WooCommerce Bookings to supercharge online bookings
  • Offers AutomateWoo integration with YITH Wishlist to automate wishlist marketing campaigns. It can initiate an action when a wishlist product goes on sale or reminds customers after a specified number of days.

Other apps or services it integrates with include:

  • Twilio SMS
  • MailChimp
  • Agile CRM
  • Active Campaign
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Mad Mimi

Final Thoughts

AutomateWoo helps you grow your store with marketing automations using workflows. 

The newer versions (AutomateWoo 5.3 and above) integrate with WooCommerce Bookings to make appointment bookings, reservations, and rentals.

At $99 for a single-site subscription, AutomateWoo can boost ecommerce sales, re-engage inactive customers, reduce booking cancellations, improve customer lifetime value and make the customer experience seamless.

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