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IONOS Review

Review by Jerry Low
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TL;DR: What We Think of IONOS

Although IONOS markets itself aggressively as an easy-to-use web hosting solution that offers full functionality and tons of freebies, it is in fact not that much different from your run-of-the-mill web host. Server resources are limited even for their more expensive shared plans. Renewal prices are reasonable and on par with market average though.

Suitable for:

Beginners-friendly Budget, or Adult Website Hosting

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IONOS Pros & Cons


  • Reliable server uptime performance
  • Easy-to-use user dashboard
  • Built-in DDoS and web applications firewall (WAF) protection


  • Unhelpful customer support
  • Expensive signup price
  • Limitations in SSL usage
  • Price increase during the renewal

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IONOS Who? Quick Intro

With roots tracing back to its establishment in 1988 as 1&1 Internet in Germany, IONOS has evolved into a significant player in the internet services domain. Following mergers and rebranding, including a pivotal union with ProfitBricks in 2018, the company adopted the name 1&1 Ionos under the leadership of CEO Achim Weiss. Renowned for its global provision of web hosting, cloud computing, and domain services.

Our IONOS Experience & Detail Findings


What server speed features does IONOS offer?

IONOS offers dependable hosting services, with a focus on steady website functionality. While their hosting performance is not especially great, the web host incorporates essential technologies like built-in caching mechanism, HTTP-2, and various server upgrades to further enhance your website’s speed.


Are websites hosted at IONOS safe?

IONOS excels in security, offering top-notch measures to safeguard your website. Their platform boasts features like free SSL, daily backup, to ensure your data remains secure and your site impervious to common cyber threats.


Is IONOS customer support good?

Customer support at IONOS has room for improvement, with some users experiencing longer response times and less personalized assistance. You can reach out to their support team via phone, live chat, and email.

Value for Money

Does IONOS offer good value for its pricing?

IONOS is reasonable priced when weighed against its feature offerings and long-term cost. At $5 per month (renews at $6/mo), basic shared hosting allows you to host 1 website with 24/7 customer support, a free domain name, daily backup, and 30-days money back guarantee. Higher plans with better features like VPS starts at $2/mo, cloud hosting at $/mo and dedicated hosting at $50/mo.

Overall Users Satisfaction

What other users think of IONOS?

Based on our market research, IONOS by 1&1 received mixed reviews from its users. Many users like IONOS for its powerful uptime and user-friendly interface. Nevertheless, some users have reported slow response times in IONOS customer supports and expressed concerns over its pricing. The company charges significantly higher compared to other providers in the market.

For additional insights, please refer to the user reviews section below.

Beginners Friendliness

Is IONOS suitable for beginners?

Offering a range of features and reliable uptime performance, we think IONOS is suitable for beginners and first-time website owners. Its shared hosting plans include CDN integration, daily backups, and ample storage, providing a solid foundation for simple websites or small business sites. However, note that the web host does not offer free site migration and is slightly pricier than market average – which can be a turn off for some users.

Small Business Friendliness

Is IONOS suitable for small businesses?

IONOS may present challenges for small to medium-sized businesses due to its complex pricing structure, where introductory rates significantly increase after the initial period, potentially impacting long-term budgeting. Additionally, IONOS restricts sign-ups from certain countries, which might limit its suitability for SMBs operating or targeting audiences in those regions​

Web Developers Friendliness

Is IONOS suitable for developers?

IONOS is not the best for web developers. Their shared hosting has limited features for developers; and VPS plans are less powerful compared to competitors (fewer CPU cores and RAM). The use of a custom control panel instead of the standard cPanel could lead to a steeper learning curve and less intuitive experience for developers accustomed to cPanel’s layout.

Host Own Email

Can you host your own email accounts ( with IONOS?

Yes, you can host your own email accounts with IONOS. This significantly reduces your costs by eliminating the need for expensive third-party email services.


Is it easy to get started with IONOS as a new customer?

Free Trial

Can you try out IONOS for free?

Yes, IONOS offers a 30-day free trial period. If you are not satisfied with their services for any reason, you can cancel within this period and receive a full refund.

Try now: Click here to signup at IONOS official website

IONOS Plans & Pricing

IONOS offers various hosting solutions, including Shared, VPS, and Dedicated hosting plans. Additionally, the company also provides specialty hosting services, such as Managed WordPress, Adult Websites, Email, and Minecraft hosting.

When evaluating your options, it’s crucial to remember that many hosting companies offer substantial discounts during the initial signup period, but the pricing often increases significantly upon renewal. You should thoroughly research and compare the renewal prices, not just the introductory rates, to understand the true cost of hosting over an extended period.

To help you make a more informed decision, we have prepared two tables below which compare the initial signup and subsequent renewal costs of IONOS services with several other providers that we actively monitor.

IONOS Signup Price vs Others

Web HostSharedVPSDedicatedCloudManaged WPWindows
IONOS$5.00 - 13.00/mo$2.00 - 30.00/mo$50.00 - 150.00/mo$ - /mo$4.50 - 11.00/mo$6.00 - 11.00/mo
ScalaHosting$2.95 - 14.95/mo$29.95 - 169.95/mo$ - /mo$20.00 - 179.00/mo$2.95 - 14.95/mo$40.00 - 485.00/mo
Digital Ocean$ - /mo$ - /mo$ - /mo$4.00 - 96.00/mo$14.00 - 3569.98/mo$ - /mo
GoDaddy$4.99 - 74.99/mo$8.99 - 199.99/mo$159.99 - 469.99/mo$ - /mo$ - /mo$ - /mo
Kinsta$ - /mo$ - /mo$ - /mo$35.00 - 675.00/mo$35.00 - 675.00/mo$ - /mo
Ultahost$3.08 - 12.99/mo$4.67 - 40.50/mo$116.91 - 370.50/mo$ - /mo$2.90 - 27.50/mo$15.90 - 240.90/mo

IONOS Renewal Price vs Others

Web HostSharedVPSDedicatedCloudManaged WPWindows
IONOS$6.00 - 16.00/mo$2.00 - 50.00/mo$100.00 - 250.00/mo$ - /mo$6.00 - 15.00/mo$12.00 - 22.00/mo
ScalaHosting$9.95 - 29.95/mo$49.95 - 239.95/mo$ - /mo$20.00 - 179.00/mo$9.95 - 29.95/mo$40.00 - 485.00/mo
Digital Ocean$ - /mo$ - /mo$ - /mo$4.00 - 96.00/mo$14.00 - 3569.98/mo$ - /mo
GoDaddy$4.99 - 109.99/mo$14.99 - 339.99/mo$ - /mo$ - /mo$12.99 - 22.99/mo$ - /mo
Kinsta$ - /mo$ - /mo$ - /mo$35.00 - 675.00/mo$35.00 - 675.00/mo$ - /mo
Ultahost$4.39 - 17.32/mo$7.33 - 48.93/mo$129.83 - 389.00/mo$ - /mo$3.87 - 36.67/mo$16.74 - 253.58/mo

Caution: Web hosting prices can change frequently. For the most accurate pricing information please visit the official IONOS website.

Bottomline: Is IONOS Right for You?

Navigating the world of web hosting with IONOS feels like a breeze for beginners and those keeping an eye on their budget. It’s a package that comes with the peace of mind of reliable server uptime and shields you with DDoS and WAF protection.

Yet, IONOS is not without its hurdles; getting a timely response from customer support can feel like a quest, and the SSL certificate freedom isn’t as expansive as one might hope. And while the initial price tag looks friendly, a hike in rates at renewal time calls for some forward-thinking in your budget strategy.

Recap: IONOS Pros & Cons


  • Reliable server uptime performance
  • Easy-to-use user dashboard
  • Built-in DDoS and web applications firewall (WAF) protection


  • Unhelpful customer support
  • Expensive signup price
  • Limitations in SSL usage
  • Price increase during the renewal

Alternatives: Other Web Hosts to Consider

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HostScore: 52.5
Services: Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Cloud, and Reseller


HostScore: 71.6
Services: Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Reseller


HostScore: 69.3
Services: Shared, VPS, and Reseller

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IONOS User Reviews - What Others Think of the Company?

User Recommendations Summary

Recommended: 6
Not Recommended: 18

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26 thoughts on “IONOS Review”

  1. Refunded me for all the charges in 2016 (only after submitting the BBB and Consumer Affairs reviews).

    No, Not Recommended
  2. I always dread having to call 1&1. Most times, I get someone on the line who is learning and is no more advanced than me. Tonight, I waited 30 minutes and no one ever got on the line. I wonder how long the leaders of 1&1 are willing to wait when they call a company before they lose patience? Come on 1&1, you’re better than this!

    No, Not Recommended
  3. I am honestly wondering why people have such negative experiences with these guys. They are absolutely professional, great customer service and have a superior product. I have multiple domains with them, and this business has given my business a whole new boost with allowing me to build domains for customers who are skeptical of my business as it is new. It helps me keep my margins low and provide real value to my rural customers. I would absolutely recommend them.

    Yes, Recommended
  4. I have created website with 1 and 1. Everything you need to create your website is right at your fingertips and they have great customer service and they are very helpful with the product.

    Yes, Recommended
  5. I’m w/ the other reviewer. I don’t know what everyone’s problems are w/ Ionos. Yes, their website can be a little bit cluttered & some things are hard to find. But it’s not a major hassle most of the time. I’ve been using them since 2006 & have a number of domains hosted by them. I’ve NEVER had any problems w/ them, billing or otherwise. About the only issue I used to have w/ them was that their email hosting was limited to a 2GB mailbox but I discovered recently that they changed that quite a while ago. All in all, I highly recommend them!

    Yes, Recommended
  6. I have used 1&1 for over a decade, through multiple mergers and changes. While there are issues with any digital serves I can honestly say (as a paying; multiple-accounts shared and dedicated servers) that nothing is 100%, however, I have always had my issues resolved. Let’s all understand that pricing changes, fact. So when we get through all of these notes and I know some have had a bad experience it only takes a moment to keep on top of automatic requests from them. Yes – A new account I created was tagged ‘fraudulent’ I resolved. Domain prices changes (so does my wireless phone bill). To clarify I do not work for 1&1 and do not know anyone that does. Yes – still owes me commision fees, I recommend them for the services I have come to know, use and depend on.

    Yes, Recommended
  7. Been with IONOS for my small business site, and it’s solid. The speed is good, which is important because no one likes a slow website. They have these packages that include everything you might need, like email and domain, which makes life easier. Had a small issue with billing once, but their customer service fixed it fast. They’re reliable and don’t break the bank. Happy customer here!

  8. There was a probable information breach of IONOS. This has resulted in charges to customer & theft. These people IONOS has hired have been using their answering service to get people access too their laptop. Please be advised of this. My company has lost thousands in this & 0 help from IONOS just denying that it even occurred even when I offered to show the call logs from their service. They wiped them. Your information is not safe.

    No, Not Recommended
  9. LiveMNC Data Center server uptime is good from 1and1 host – Previously my TV channel website dedicated server hosted with 1and1 but server is down in 2 or 3 days so I decided to change my host and now taken server with data center. And now my websites are working fine without any issue. I’m impressed with highly technical sound tech team and speed of work and quick response and friendliness, I can solve some tech issues even in chat on LiveMNC website. I am recommend LiveMNC data center host.

    No, Not Recommended
  10. On two occasions, 1&1 made updates to their software that had a negative impact on the design and accessibility of my website. In the first instance, and after I complained, one of their techs converted my website for me. (If I had done it on my own, I would have had to follow several steps to complete the conversion). The problem, however, was that none of my graphic images were converted. This obviously affected the appearance of my eShop. There is more…. I had a second domain and website for a second business, and thought at least that one would be safe, however, several months after their first conversion they initiated yet another software conversion. I learned about it when I went to the website and found only the first page could be viewed.

    No, Not Recommended
  11. IONOS is repeatedly charging my credit card despite being told many times in writing they are not authorized to use the card. Their billing is deceptive and purposely convoluted, designed to hide charges. Repeated requests to stop charging my card were ignored. I will be reporting them to the FTC, the SEC, credit card fraud divisions of European police, and I will be informing all their board members and largest stockholders of their documented credit card fraud. DO NOT USE IONOS!

    No, Not Recommended
  12. 1&1 is possibly the cheapest deal going and what service I’ve had has been ok. My beef is the unbelievable spam I’ve been subjected to. Foolishly I gave my real email and mobile number. Since opening the web page, I have received about 43 emails offering google search listing, domain registration, web page design and other BS. And now about 7 phone calls from various numbers offering the same! I can’t believe it! 1 or 2 I can expect. But if any charlatan with a business number, has access to 1&1’s database, how safe is my credit card I wonder? ie; DO NOT OPEN A 1&1 ACCOUNT! Use 000webhost/Hostinger or similar…

    No, Not Recommended
  13. I don’t usually take the time out to write about a company that is substandard, but I have to on this. I started doing business with 1&1 just over a year ago. Today I cancelled all three of my contracts with them, but this has been a long time coming because I like to give people time to correct their mistakes and redeem themselves. I used four different products from them. The first “mywebsite”, the second “myonlinestore”, third email and last “registered domains”. Email and domains were simple enough and I had no issues with. “mywebsite” was a simple drag and drop platform but there was not much to it. The “myonlinestore” was a sub par product. This platform proved to be more of an irritation than anything else. I would usually spend at least an hour with support on the phone getting transferred from one department to the other because the rep I was talking to could not help me.

    No, Not Recommended
  14. Overall the service is okay, they did shut down hosting of php sites years ago, and I lost tons of content on a website I built. They should still support it and handle migrations. Also, it’s too expensive for hosting 1-2 websites.

    No, Not Recommended
  15. I have been with since it was, which unfortunately was when the site was easy to use and had upfront billing. I have 4 sites up with them, and 1 website parked so that I can put it online later, and have been on automatic payments the entire time (1 website for 10 almost years now). Today, I start getting calls from clients saying that my email is getting kicked back. I call up Ionos and they told me that the contract for the MAIN WEBSITE that I have with them was cancelled last year due to non-payment. This is the website for my construction company, which funds all of my other endeavors.

    No, Not Recommended
  16. Hello, I’ve signed up on the Canadian website. I did ask to cancel the service. They took money out of my account which I was never authorized for. I kept calling for a week and no one emailed me or called me. I asked to speak to a manager and NO one would let me speak to the manager. I did change my credit card. Before ending the service they contact me to pay the invoice. I told them that I am not interested to use the service. They insist to pay the invoiced. I did refuse after they send me an e-mail by collection. I told them that I will not pay a penny because of this fraud company. This is the worst company I’ve ever dealt with in my entire life. Beware. DO NOT sign up with Ionos 1 and 1. Your life will be miserable and you will be scammed.

    No, Not Recommended
  17. I request domain transfer to 1&1 but I did not get any login information nor username, when I contact to customer support they did not cooperate with me. They just ignored me. Also I email to billing also send the snapshot for transaction and snapshot during bill, but I did not get login information. There is not good live chat support team just time West support team.

    No, Not Recommended
  18. I am very surprised by all these negative reviews. Personally, I tend to only leave reviews when I am infuriated, but I had such a great experience lately that I wanted to write a review for them. I have been a customer for several years now, having bought multiple domains and two hosting packages from 1&1, now Ionos. The domains are priced similarly with other sites but I think that Ionos has the best deal on web hosting. I was paying $59 a year ($4.99 per month). They also consistently offer deals for new domains.

    Yes, Recommended
  19. I initially went to Ionos for email hosting services. One of their reps ended up offering their website building plan, stating they can quickly build a website, and we would have as much access as we need to someone to update and change website anytime needed. After finalizing everything I then learned no one is available to meet with me for two week, and was asked to just send them all of out photos, bio, website text content etc. Two weeks later when we met, they called at a different time than scheduled, and then a few days later scheduled a call for an hour at 2:15, then called at 2:00, and says she is only available until 2:30, and we will have to schedule a meeting time 1 week out.

    No, Not Recommended
  20. I am not an Ionos or 1&1 customer. While I do IT work, I use another hosting company that I’ve used for 15 years and I am very happy with (Hostmonster), Earlier this evening, I got an alert on my credit card that 1&1 had attempted to charge my card a $70 fee. I had never heard of them and immediately called my credit card company. They’d actually already put a hold on it for suspected fraud. They didn’t say why – perhaps there had been issues with this company on other accounts. They had my card number, expiration date, security code, name and address – all my info. I have no idea who they are and how they got it, but this fake charge is downright scary. Reading the other reviews, I’m damn glad I’m not their customer. Very glad Capital One caught it, and very unhappy this company tried to steal $70 from someone who wasn’t a customer.

    No, Not Recommended
  21. I reduced my domains to one, due to them fraudulently billing out of the blue. Constant unauthorized billing. I cancelled the package I had and kept only name registration. Lo and behold, they tried to bill me unlawfully, AGAIN. This time I was wise to these thieving scammers, and cancelled the bank card on file. Despite being paid in full, they used this as an excuse to cancel my package. My domain was even listed as “for sale”. They extorted $90 to restore the domain, or I would have lost a valuable ($1000+ domain).

    No, Not Recommended
  22. Billing months after the account was cancelled, I signed up for their website and found it was not very user friendly. I cancelled it on the control panel by clicking on cancel my account. It informed that the account has been canceled. I even check by trying to sign back in and was denied because the account was canceled. They billed my PayPal account the next month, when I called they said they were sorry, and assured me that it would not be billed again. However they billed the account again the following month. This time I called PayPal, they block them from accessing my account and refunded the amount back to my account. When I called again, they apologized and told me it was sorted out last month.

    No, Not Recommended
  23. Watch out once you log into your account. All those bells and whistles – like the website builder in your account might not mention a fee and it may look like it is included with your hosting, but if you click they will charge you. Any company who tricks their own customers like that does not deserve to be in business. Oh yeah, I am already getting spam trying to entice me to add more! Terrible company. I may be a customer, but not a happy one, and definitely not a loyal one! As soon as enough time has passed to move my domain, I am out of there!

    No, Not Recommended
  24. Finding an affordable and dependable web hosting provider is a great challenge. IONOS has been a great asset to my business as we are able to find the tools needed to bring our website online all in one place without a glitch. From domain registrations to fast and reliable web hosting, domain guards, SSL & wildcard certificates, email hosting, databases, and many more in one simple control panel.

    If you are looking to get started online with a limited budget you may be rest assured knowing that it is actually possible in some cases to get a full package that includes web hosting, a starter domain, SSL certificate, domain protection, professional email, etc, for a very affordable price with the ability to save more if you buy a year package. But if you are perhaps looking for one landing page solution where you may benefit from the use of sales funnels and landing pages you may consider something else due to the fact that in my experience a novice can navigate ions but may incur some challenges due to the more technical nature of code based websites eg WordPress can be more technical than a drag and drop landing page hosting site.

    Yes, Recommended
  25. IONOS hosting offers good uptime but they could really really improve their customer support.

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