3 Excellent Web Hosting Providers for Lithuania

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Location, infrastructure, and cost are among the factors we consider in top web hosting solutions for Lithuania. Hostens, ScalaHosting and AltusHost are the recommended web hosts choice that top our list.

1. Hostens

[calloutbox title=”Hostens” content=”Hostens is home grown Lithuanian and today a strong player on the international scene – a solid pick for web hosting.”  href=”/go/hostens” imageurl=”/wp-content/uploads/Lithuania-hosting-24.jpg” imagealt=”Hostens Image Text” ctatext=”Visit Hostens”/]

[fonticon icon=”fa-map-marker”/] Hostens HQ: J. Kubiliaus g. 6, Vilnius 08234, Lithuania.

Hostens occupies a very unique spot on the top web hosting for Lithuania list. In many cases, web hosting is divided into global or local categories. This hosting provider is home-grown Lithuanian but has advanced to the international stage.

Founded in 2003 and today part of the Euro-centric  Interneto Vizija company, Hostens started small but made it big. Self-claimed to be built by geeks, the company offers a wide range of web hosting services.

The Hostens product range covers the entire spectrum of web hosting solutions. This includes shared and VPS hosting as well as a specifically defined website builder solution. Naturally, other web services are available too such as SSL certification and web security.

Being from the country, Hostens leverages Lithuania’s excellent infrastructure and parks its servers at a data center in Vilnius. This gives it a strong foundation with which to serve the entire Euro region with fringes into parts of Asia.

There is one curious matter though and that is the fact that despite a multi-lingual capable site, Lithuanian isn’t available on the Hostens page. 

Key Highlights with Hostens

  • Fast and stable performance
  • Excellent hosting rates
  • Full SSD servers

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Learn more about Hostens from our review.

2. ScalaHosting

[calloutbox title=”ScalaHosting” content=”ScalaHosting is a full-service web hosting provider famed for their Managed Cloud VPS plans and SPanel.”  href=”/go/scalahosting” imageurl=”/wp-content/uploads/Lithuania-hosting-25.jpg” imagealt=”ScalaHosting Image Text” ctatext=”Visit ScalaHosting”/]

[fonticon icon=”fa-map-marker”/] ScalaHosting HQ: 1999 Bryan St, Ste 900, Dallas, Texas, 75201, USA.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that ScalaHosting places its HQ address in the US. That’s just a technicality. In reality, it is a Bulgarian web hosting provider which has grown to cover both the Eastern and Western hemispheres of the globe.

ScalaHosting has its roots in Sofia, Bulgaria. Today its services span the globe – partly due to the innovative ways that they work. Unlike many web hosting providers which offer much of the same thing but marketed in different ways, ScalaHosting actually offers pretty unique solutions.

Some of these are notable, such as SPanel, their self-developed web hosting control panel which offers users a way out of cPanel’s increasing license fee trap. Another is the use of SShield which offers customers real-time cyber security protection for their accounts. All developed by Scala, of course.

Although ScalaHosting offers a full product range, their expertise lies in the domain of VPS hosting. It has been the company’s aim to make VPS hosting more affordable and manageable to the masses.

Key Highlights with ScalaHosting

  • Data centers in the US and Bulgaria
  • Strong Managed VPS plans
  • Self-developed SPanel control panel

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Learn more about ScalaHosting from our review.

3. AltusHost

[calloutbox title=”AltusHost” content=”AltusHost is a good choice for those seeking a Euro-specific hosting provider with strength in business solutions.”  href=”/go/altushost” imageurl=”/wp-content/uploads/Lithuania-hosting-26.jpg” imagealt=”AltusHost Image Text” ctatext=”Visit AltusHost”/]

[fonticon icon=”fa-map-marker”/] AltusHost HQ: Kingsfordweg 151, 1043 GR Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

AltusHost is a name that you will come across for sure if you’ve looked into web hosting for most parts of Europe. If you decide to go for Lithuanian hosting but are willing to step a little out of the country – this is a solid choice.

Based in the Netherlands, this provider offers users a complete range of web hosting products. This stretches beyond simply web hosting to encompass other services like remote backup solutions and managed services.

Their infrastructure is heavily clustered around the Euro region and covers Bulgaria, Serbia, Switzerland, Sweden, and of course their home country. With such a strong focus in the area, you can be sure they’re GDPR compliant as well.

Key Highlights with AltusHost

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Free migration services
  • Highly scalable solutions

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Learn more about AltusHost from our review.

Choosing the Top Web Hosting Providers For Lithuania

Top web hosting providers for Lithuania are more common than you may think. Thanks to rapidly developing high tech infrastructure, the country is well poised to deliver digital growth so many companies today need.

Sitting barely on the fringe of Russia, Lithuania isn’t exactly what most would consider mainstream. Yet if you’re looking for a hosting partner specific to this region for some reason, it is a good place to consider.

Lithuania Has a Solid Infrastructure Base

Since many are beginning to look towards an international client base, web hosting location may be a little less vital than it used to be. Market localization will work in specific scenarios, but for a better foundation it would be a good idea to understand web infrastructure.

This is where the interest in web hosting for Lithuania comes in – especially now. The country is at the tail end of a development plan that was aimed at laying next-gen web infrastructure across the country.

Lithuania Internet Infrastructure
Lithuania is the prime location for data centers as it serves as the data transit country between Western Europe and CIS countries (source).

As a whole, this means full broadband coverage across the board at minimum 30Mbps speeds. More interesting though is the fact that Lithuania has built a world-class data transmission network to support it all – including an excellent data center core.

While this may be fantastic motivation, there are many more reasons to consider hosting here. Let’s dive more deeply into the factors.

What Else You Need to Know for Lithuania Web Hosting

Earlier I spoke about the importance of infrastructure in your choice of web hosting, but there are many other key considerations as well. This is particularly true when it comes to seeking a Lithuanian (or any Euro-based web host) service provider.

While the list is extensive, some of the highlights of what’s factored into the choice of the best web hosting for Lithuania includes:

Cost of Service

It may be true that companies are globalizing and increasingly reaching towards a worldwide client base. However, that doesn’t mean that logistics, operational costs, and such are much more manageable. If anything, the cost of doing business has increased.

This is a big reason why investments in any digital services such as web hosting need to be as cost effective as possible. After all, these are controllable, fixed recurring costs only likely to increase and not go down.

This is where very specific web hosting providers like Hostens and ScalaHosting shine when considering a web hosting partner for Lithuania. Hostens offers fantastic value in its plans, while those needing advanced solutions can opt for Scala’s strong Managed VPS solutions.

Compliance Even in Web Hosting

Hosting for any country in the Euro region is a bit more complex than for most other places. The eurozone comes with its own unique but very rigid data governance laws. It’s important to be sure to partner with a web hosting company that is aware of and compliant with these regulations.

Lithuania itself, has in fact even more provisions when it comes to privacy laws. If you’re seeking web hosting for this country, be aware that the data protection requirements you and your host have need to meet strict standards – well above US norms.

The National Cyber Security Index (NCSI)
Lithuania is one of the top countries when it comes to cyber security (source).

The country itself is a solid place if you take on a local hosting provider like Hostens. Lithuania is one of the top safest nations when it comes to digital security and privacy. 

Strategic Location

Latency is still a strong consideration when seeking web hosting. There are many reasons why this might be true for you as well – target market, or simply a broader scope of operations. Lithuania is an excellent choice for finding a centrally located web hosting provider.

Due to its euro-centricity, web hosting choices in Lithuania often come with a data centre located in the country. In addition to this, you also have a broad choice between those who have a solid continental focus like AltushHost, or a dual presence like ScalaHosting. 

The former has a data center cluster around the Euro region while the latter also opens up the US market for customers. Either way, you get the benefit of choice no matter what your ideal location would be.


To be honest, Lithuania isn’t likely to be the first palace most will think first about for web hosting. However, looking beneath the surface will reveal a more complex scenario that is surprisingly suitable for many reasons. If you need web hosting for the country or region specifically – don’t worry, the choices are solid and worth looking more closely at.

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