Namecheap Offers Aspiring Web Entrepreneurs All They Need to Launch a Website for Free

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Namecheap prides itself on providing market-leading hosting and domain name registration products and services for businesses and individuals.

Now, the company’s newest initiative is a sponsorship program, “Powered by Namecheap.” Powered By Namecheap aims to create opportunities and help aspiring entrepreneurs, innovators, creators, and dreamers jumpstart their next online idea.

Introducing The “Powered By Namecheap” Initiative

With the Powered By Namecheap initiative, Namecheap will discover creative, unique, and inspiring ideas by individuals that might have been held back by the initial cost of developing their websites.

These ideas may include:

  • Apps
  • Games
  • E-shops
  • Blogs
  • Online businesses

And more. Whatever the idea might be, this initiative aims to help make it a reality.

The Powered By Namecheap initiative comes with benefits that include:

  • Professional tips and coaching from the customer service and marketing teams at Namecheap
  • PositiveSSL certificates that provide adequate website security
  • The best web-hosting suitable for the websites to maintain and manage the project
  • Non-premium domain names that represent the project online

Who Can Apply For The Program?

Anyone with an idea for a website, game, app, business, or anything unique can apply for the program. The only criterion is that the idea must need a domain name and web hosting.

The “Powered By Namecheap” initiative aims to inspire individuals who want to do unique things online but are limited by the costs of building a new site.

How Does the Program Work?

Individuals with an idea can apply using the application form. Namecheap considers each application based on merit and offers sponsorship to the best applicants.

Sponsored applicants will get free access to all the benefits of the program for free for one year.

What Happens After You Apply for the Sponsorship?

Once you’ve applied to the Powered by Namecheap initiate, the team at Namecheap reviews the completed application. Within 30 days of your application, Namecheap will contact you if they chose your application for the final selection phase.

Applicants with the best ideas will receive an invite. Namecheap says they will sponsor as many ideas as possible. Please find more information on the terms and conditions for the sponsorship program on the Powered by Namecheap page.

Terms and conditions of the Powered By Namecheap initiative

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About Namecheap

Namecheap was founded in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall with the sole purpose of creating opportunities for the average person to develop and launch their own website, without knowledge of advanced coding or programming. The platform hosts over two million domains and serves over a million clients, making it a market-leading web hosting solutions provider.

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