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LiquidWeb is one of those big-name premium web hosting service providers that many people can only wish they could afford. Due to their focus on enterprise-scale solutions, they have left out standard shared hosting and the closest most people come is to their Managed WordPress hosting plans. That being said, looking upwards on their plan scale, the sky is the limit.
Response Time

LiquidWeb Pros

  • Extreme cross-platform scalability
  • All plans are fully managed
  • Optimized for WordPress
  • 59-Second support response guarantee
  • Free automatic SSL

LiquidWeb Cons

  • Relatively high-priced
  • Lack of some usual freebies
  • No standard shared hosting plans
  • No Asia-based data center

Editor's Review & Recommendation

At their lowest tiers of service LiquidWeb offers WordPress users very powerful, fully-managed hosting plans. These don't come cheap but can you imagine not having anything to worry about at all in terms of upkeep and having the benefit of 24/7 support that guarantees you'll be responded to within 59-seconds?

That is practically the epitome of support and its an area that if of key focus to LiquidWeb. That aside, it could be due to the need for such support on their better plans that LiquidWeb decided to implement excellent support across the board. After all, this is one hosting provider that not only offers enterprise-scale solutions but also caters to companies that require high-availability mission-critical servers.

The result is not just excellent support but also a huge number of value-added services to choose from that you won't find at many run-of-the-mill hosting sites. Some examples of this include a large number of dedicated developer support tools, offsite backups, Cloud object storage, and much more.

It owns and maintains three of its own data centers spread across two continents which allows it to tightly regulate and control service quality. This quality of hosting also allows them to host web applications, not just standard websites. As a whole, the company is solidly entrenched in the upper tier of what is available to web service seekers.

Because of their product offerings, quality, and scalability, LiquidWeb is ideal for agencies, developers, corporates, and other web professionals seeking high-end solutions.

LiquidWeb Performance

LiquidWeb Plans & Pricing

LiquidWeb VPS/Cloud Hosting
Plan 1
/per month
2 CPU cores
2 GB memory
40 GB SSD storage
10 TB data transfer
Dedicated IP address

Plan 2
/per month
4 CPU cores
4 GB memory
100 GB SSD storage
10 TB data transfer
Dedicated IP address

Plan 3
/per month
8 CPU cores
8 GB memory
150 GB SSD storage
10 TB data transfer
Dedicated IP address

LiquidWeb User Satisfaction

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