A2 Hosting Launches Faster Shared Hosting Plans on AMD’s Latest Processors

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Back in 2014, when A2 Hosting launched its Turbo Shared Hosting plan, customers jumped on the opportunity to experience 20 times faster page loads. Since then, the company has continued focusing on breaking new speed barriers to beat their previous records. May 21, 2020, saw them announcing a brand-new lineup of Shared Hosting plans that includes two faster Turbo server options.

A2’s new hosting plan features a faster CPU performance that improves performance by 40 percent and servers that are twice the original speed of the previous one. According to the company’s CEO, Bryan Muthig, their goal is to offer the fastest hosting solution the industry has ever seen.

Why is the New Turbo Server Faster than Ever?

A2 is hosting each Turbo account on AMD’s latest processors – the newest EPYC hardware. The EPYC servers are intended to provide higher processing power with enhanced I/O capacity to decrease bottlenecks considerably.

Another benefit of the new A2’s device is that it utilizes a non-volatile memory express (NVMe) form of storage. Unlike standard SSDs, the NVMe drives possess read/write speeds that are three times faster than average. As a result of this feature, A2 shared hosting servers can now eliminate bottlenecks that could slow the load time of their users’ websites.

The hosting platform also increased the CPU and RAM on their Turbo servers, which allowed for quicker execution of instructions and improved performance.

Other Features of A2 Hosting’s Turbo Servers

The newly improved servers also possess:

  • Enhanced stability and are capable of handling more traffic
  • LiteSpeed Web Server
  • Turbo caching that increases page load times for already visited pages
  • Fewer users per server (which will provide more resources to each customer).

A2’s Need to Focus on Hosting Speed

The hosting service seems to have figured out that a website’s speed is directly linked to its success, which is why they focused on high-performance services. According to expert analysis, faster sites have lower bounce rates, higher conversion rates, better organic search engine rankings, and improved customer satisfaction rates.

A2 hosting found that a-second delay in page load could result in:

  • An 11 percent drop in page views
  • Seven percent decrease in conversion rate
  • 16 percent in visitor satisfaction

It is why they kept working on faster and reliable shared hosting plans.

Each of A2’s Turbo plan is outfitted with the cPanel control panel that is relatively easy to use by both newbies and experts. The hosting service features servers that are fine-tuned and backed by their 99.9 percent Uptime Commitment.

The balanced combination of reliability and speed makes A2 Hosting suitable for Joomla websites, WordPress, Drupal, and several other web applications.

A2’s Guru Crew Support team is available to answer any question from customers about their new Shared Hosting plans.

Are you Satisfied with your Hosting Service’s Speed?

In addition to speed and ease-of-use, you want a dependable hosting platform. Hence, you don’t want to use a hosting platform just because it’s sales pitch felt good. You want data to show you what to do, what platform to choose.

Use our data-backed reviews to make informed decisions on the hosting provider to use. You want to select a platform that improves your website’s visibility and growth opportunities. A2 hosting’s strength is their speed, but you have a host of other options, from eCommerce hosting options like Shopify to cloud hosting solutions like LiquidWeb.

About A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting provides reliable solutions and 24/7 support to their customers. Since 2003, the platform has offered affordable and innovative hosting services to small and medium-sized businesses and professionals around the globe. A2’s Turbo servers feature page-load speed that’s 20 times faster than average – making it a good option for customers seeking ultra-fast hosting options.

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