Kinsta Launches $30 per Month Entry-tier Plan and Switches to Visitor-Based Pricing Model

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Kinsta has launched new entry-tier plans that start you up at only $30 per month. This pricing extension allows the platform to live up to its claims of providing premium WordPress hosting for everyone regardless of their business size.

Although formerly known to accommodate only professional developers and big businesses, Kinsta is now affordable for:

  • New WordPress users
  • Bloggers
  • Authors, and
  • Small businesses

With $30 per month, you have all the premium benefits except Multisite support, Site cloning, and features for ecommerce or membership sites. Albeit, the number of visits and other values will be less as expected.

Kinsta has introduced two new entry-tire plans (find out more).

However, you can choose the $60 per month entry-tier if you want Multisite support and higher values.

This invitation is not for first-time users alone. Existing customers can also choose to change their plans if they feel the new plans fit their needs better. All you have to do is contact the team for assistance.

The Switch to Visitor-Based Pricing Model

In addition to the introduction of the entry-tier plans, Kinsta also changed its pricing model from its previous bandwidth model to become visitor-based.

They made this change because customers found the bandwidth-based pricing confusing. Most of them didn’t know how to get the information quickly, and some others used a CDN. The second group had to check their remaining bandwidth after using a CDN, which made the process more complex.

Most hosting companies don’t measure bandwidth, even though it helps with troubleshooting performance issues on WordPress sites. However, Kinsta analytics reports give you the options to use visitor data or bandwidth usage.

However, if you’re currently on the bandwidth model, you may choose to remain on it or upgrade and downgrade between them within the MyKinsta dashboard.

How Kinsta Counts Visits Every 24 hours

Kinsta calculates monthly visits by summing up the unique IP addresses in each 24-hour period. The numbers represent direct visits to your WordPress site on the webserver. You can filter these numbers by 30 days, seven days, down to 24 hours.

Here are some triggers that Kinsta records as visits:

  • If a visitor loads a page on your site, that’s a visit
  • Visitor lands on your site from two different browsers is still a visit because it’s one IP address
  • If a visitor loads any page on your site from X number of devices, Kinsta records it as X visits

Other Updates on Kinsta

Kinsta has redesigned its website to include:

  • Color scheme
  • Logo
  • Layout, and 
  • simplified navigation

Let’s look at a few changes.

Additional Pages

The new entry-tiers on the platform aren’t the only changes that Kinsta made in response to user feedback. They also added more pages to the site.

Most of their customers’ requests are towards how Kinsta’s infrastructure works. So, additional content to the site cover topics around:

  • Information about the platform’s hardware and software stack
  • How Kinsta scaling works
  • PHP workers
  • Server-level caching

Changes have also been made on the dashboard to match the new color and branding. The demo allows you to test the management tools before becoming a customer.

Entirely New Resource Section

In a bid to produce the best content on the use of WordPress to scale business, Kinsta built a new resources section to cover:

  • Knowledge Base articles
  • Learn tutorials, and
  • Universal search across all blog posts

This section makes it possible to find articles quickly, regardless of your location on the site. You can find this search feature on top of every Knowledge Base and blog post.

Wrap Up

Before you decide to start with $30 or more, consider what you want to achieve with your site. Although making a hosting decision is tough, with our detailed guide, you’ll get more clarity on what to do. 

It will help to probe performance, features, scalability, customer service, and pricing. And when you compare these basic requirements with what you’re looking for, you’ll have the correct answers.

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