10 Hosting and Domain Providers Cushioning the COVID-19 Impact

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We’ve already discussed SiteGround’s 97 percent discount on hosting. You’d pay $0.99 for three whole months to start building your website with the hosting service.

But there’s more. For example, ICANN now allows domain name sellers to refrain from canceling domain names at this time.

For this post, we curated ten more cushioning offers from website hosts, registrars, and policymakers. You’ll find something you care about:

  • Extended hosting trial periods
  • Supporting a charity,
  • Round-the-clock customer support,
  • Fighting bad actors,
  • Free domain (and website) for five years

Let’s get to it.

Companies Cushioning the COVID-19 Impact

1. BlueHost

Increases Trial Period to 60 Days

Bluehost extended its trial period from 30 to 60 days to help more businesses get online during this pandemic.

This offer comes with a money-back guarantee if you cancel before the 60-day period is over. However, the full refund is only for the hosting service and doesn’t apply to add-on products, including domain names.

After the trial period, the plans would go back to renewing at their standard rates.

The promo aims to support and accommodate small businesses or remote teams in adapting to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. With this offer, users can enjoy two free months of excellent performance in uptime and speed.

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2. A2 Hosting

Pledge 24/7/365 Support to Users

A2 joined the ranks of domain providers trying to make this period easier on their clients by offering round-the-clock service to all their users. A lot of businesses are experiencing difficulties working remotely, which is why A2’s support would mean a lot them.

The platform has offered to be available 24 hours every day to assist their customers with any question or challenge they might face in their business.

See this HostScore’s A2 Hosting review to find out more about their features, pricing, and offerings.

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3. NameCheap

Blocks All COVID-19 Related Domain Name Registration

This Los Angeles-based service provider has stopped accepting new domain applications involving words like, “COVID,” “Coronavirus,” or “Vaccine” in them. This move is to reduce the abuse of the situation by fraudulent sites trying to sell fake products and misleading information to the public.

According to Namecheap, they will only allow legitimate companies and websites to apply for domain names with those words after going through their support team. According to the Namecheap CEO, Richard Kirkendall only manually vetted personas will be allowed to use those words.

See HostScore’s review to find out more about NameCheap.

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4. LiquidWeb

$10 Donation for Every Order

LiquidWeb, one of the premium web hosting service providers, started helping various communities and donating to different organizations in need of support.

The company donated $5,000 to nokidhungry.org to help out-of-school children in America who don’t have access to food because of the pandemic. The company is also donating $10 for every order that LiquidWeb and Nexcess make during this period.

See HostScore’s review to find out more about LiquidWeb.

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5. GoDaddy

Investigate COVID-19 Related Scams

GoDaddy has equipped its teams to investigate Covid-19-related fraudulent activities on their hosting accounts.

Since most frauds take advantage of momentous events or tragedies, GoDaddy has moved to protect both its clients and their users from bad actors. The platform has teams that are dedicated to properly investigating every complaint they receive and taking appropriate actions.

If you’re considering hosting your website on GoDaddy, then you’ll benefit from HostScore’s data-based, unbiased review of the platform here.

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6. Shopify

Extended 90 Days Free Trial, $200 Million Small Business Funding, and More

Shopify is making generous offers to its users to cushion the impact of COVID-19 on their businesses. First, the company has extended its 30-day trial period to 90 days.

They’re also supplying gift cards for all customers, email marketing for every plan, and $200 million funding to small businesses. Individuals who are eligible for the funding from Shopify Capital will get a pre-qualified amount in their admin section.

Find more about Shopify here.

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7. BigCommerce

0% Transaction Fees and 3 Months Free Trial

The platform responsible for providing business owners the tools they need to succeed has joined the COVID-19 response. BigCommerce is offering new merchants a three-month free trial period on all their plans.

They’re also charging zero percent for transaction fees, allowing their customers to keep more of their earnings in this period of uncertainty.

The platform understands that every penny could go a long way in helping a customer’s business. Hence, they’ve committed to assisting their users in conquering their biggest challenges through this time.

Check out HostScore’s review to find out more about BigCommerce.

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8. Kinsta

Services and Support Remain Despite Closed Offices

Kinsta closed its office doors on the 16th of March 2020 and canceled all business travels to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Despite the lockdown, this host has continued to offer excellent hosting and support services to customers. It’s had no drop in performance.

Apart from Kinsta’s steps to curb the spread of the virus, they have maintained the same degree of performance that their customers have grown to expect.

To find more about Kinsta, here is HostScore’s review.

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9. DigitalOcean

$100,000 Infrastructure Credits to Charities Fighting COVID-19

DigitalOcean is providing $100,000 worth of infrastructure credits to charities who are combating COVID-19. Their community of technologists and innovators are combining their skills to create resources and tools to tackle the growing pandemic.

DigitalOcean also provided cash donations of $50,000 to the COVID-19 Relief Fund for different non-profit organizations. The platform is also committed to promoting and getting publicity for new COVID-19-related projects.

Amongst others, the donations support organizations like the

  • International Medical Corps,
  • United Nations Foundation,
  • Center for Disaster Philanthropy,
  • National Domestic Workers Alliance, and more.

See HostScore’s review to find out more about DigitalOcean.

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10. MailChimp

Free Domain Name with Website for Five Years to SMBs

MailChimp ups the ante by offering online businesses a free .com domain name for five years. Interested persons can easily claim a free domain and create a website for their brand or company.

With a few clicks, users can reserve their domains and design custom websites. All for free. Albeit, the offer closes May 30, 2020. If you claim this offer, you must build your website within the next 11 months.

This offer couldn’t have come at a better time. Most businesses are scrambling to move their operations online. MailChimp is using its site-building tool to help users set up their online presence with this free domain name registration.

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What Now?

Businesses, by cushioning the impact of COVID-19, have created opportunities that their users and potential users can take advantage of to thrive.

However, not all opportunities are born equal. Some opportunities are better than others.

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