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Volusion may not be as big a name as Shopify or Weebly when it comes to eCommerce site builders but its features are quite extensive. Where online stores are concerned, it simplifies many things for store owners while minimizing cost which is a big plus. Unfortunately, many features are plan-locked and upgrading to better plans is quite expensive.

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Volusion Pros

  • eCommerce store website builder
  • Drag and drop product management
  • Unlimited product listing on all plans
  • Zero transaction fees
  • Easy order, shipping, and payments handling

Volusion Cons

  • Plan prices increase by features, not volume
  • No free SSL
  • No option to create blog
  • Only for physical products

Editor's Review & Recommendation

There isn't any beating around the bush with Volusion, it is a straightforward eCommerce website builder and nothing else. This means that right off bat, anyone who isn't looking to create an online store can forget about this host entirely. Not just because of the pricing, but because it doesn't offer features that will support other types of websites - content management, for example.

Once you're clear on that, it does have very comprehensive features for its core purpose. There is a drag and drop site builder that comes with free templates for you to start with. Volusion goes a little bit further than that as it also allows you to work with the products you want to list on your store in a drag and drop manner as well.

Order management, shipping, and payments are all very tightly integrated and work seamlessly together to minimize and headaches that a lack of cohesion will cause store owners. Extended features can be found through the use of third-party apps which can connect you to other services. Some samples of these include connections to Pinterest and Mailchimp, both useful ways to help market your products.

Where I really found some oddities though is in the way that the pricing system is designed for Volusion. The basic pricing scheme itself starts off at prices that are not incomparable with other eCommerce website builders. In fact, Volusion goes one better and not only charges no transaction fees but has their own credit card payments system that doesn't charge exorbitant rates.

The problem is in terms of plans and features. Moving from one tier to the next on the Volusion price range isn't cheap but unfortunately that is the only way you'll be able to access better features with your account. The cheapest plan they offer lets you list an unlimited number of products and charges no transaction fees, but doesn't allow you to do many other things. For example, you can't sync with Amazon accounts, get reports on abandoned carts, or use third party gateway services.

Volusion Performance

Volusion Plans & Pricing

Volusion Website Builder Hosting
/per month
1 online store
100 products
Unlimited data transfer
Sales threshold - $50k
0% - transaction fees

/per month
1 online store
5000 products
Unlimited data transfer
Sales threshold - $100k
0% - transaction fees
Abandoned cart reports

/per month
1 online store
Unlimited products
Unlimited data transfer
Sales threshold - $500k
0% - transaction fees
Abandoned cart reports
Amazon / eBay integrations
3rd party gateways

Volusion User Satisfaction

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