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For those who are less technically inclined, wanting a fuss-free experience or who simply love instant gratification, Wix is a wonder. Although it does package hosting into the mix, Wix was designed to leverage on its drag and drop rapid website builder. Features can be tacked on quickly as well thanks to an extensive application marketplace.

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Wix Pros

  • Over 500 beautiful pre-designed themes
  • Powerful drag-and-drop website builder
  • Customize mobile site designs
  • App Market lets you extend site functionality
  • Wix ADI guides your site creation
  • Backup system creates restore points
  • Handy all-in-one solution
  • Allows animations and video backgrounds
  • Corvid by Wix allows developers to build APIs
  • Free domain with Combo plan and above

Wix Cons

  • Limited bandwidth on Combo and Connect plans
  • Connect plan displays Wix ads
  • Difficult to migrate away from Wix

Editor's Review & Recommendation

For many people who are into simplicity and convenience I almost feel that Wix is the perfect solution. The site builder tool is not just very simple to use but it is also extremely powerful. If that isn’t enough, Wix also has an app marketplace where you can pick up more features in the form of third-party tools.

There’s no need to worry about hosting, site maintenance, and many of the other things to do that are associated with hosting a website. Now that there’s Corvid for Wix, even developers have a reason to opt for Wix or simply build APIs for Wix sites.

The only thing that I really object to is that Wix makes it almost impossible for you to migrate to another host once you’re on board with them.

Corvid by Wix is an open development platform that accelerates the way developers build web applications.

For Newbies and Individual Bloggers

Although Wix is a very convenient environment to use it isn’t really an idea situation for newbies and bloggers. It is primarily a rapid website building tool with hosting packaged in, so newbies won’t get to learn how to manage many things for themselves. Bloggers might also want to look elsewhere since although there is a blog option in Wix it isn’t as versatile as a dedicated Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress.

Wix Performance

Wix Plans & Pricing

Wix Website Builder Hosting
/per month
1 website
500 MB storage
1 GB data transfer

/per month
1 website
3 GB storage
2 GB data transfer
Wix ads removed
Free domain - 1 year
30 video minutes

/per month
1 website
10 GB storage
Unlimited data transfer
Wix ads removed
Free domain - 1 year
1 video hour
Site booster app
Visitor analytics app

Wix User Satisfaction

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