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Eleven2 isn't exactly the cheapest web hosting company around and they do charge for a lot of stuff you normally get for free. However they also have a wide range of power-packed plans that almost any site can scale up with.

Response Time

Eleven2 Pros

  • Multiple data center locations
  • 60-day Money back guarantee
  • Highly scalable
  • Website builder included

Eleven2 Cons

  • Limited resources
  • SSD storage costs extra
  • No free SSL
  • Can be pricey

Editor's Review & Recommendation

Founded in 2003, Eleven2 is an experienced hosting provider that caters to sites of all sized. From their basic shared hosting up to enterprise scale plans, there isn't much doubt about power and reach. Customer who seek region-specific traffic can benefit from their network of data centers in Los Angeles, Dallas, Amsterdam, and Singapore.

That being said, shared hosting plans seem to be a little on the lean side and you don't even get a free SSL certificate with this host. That in itself might not be a problem since you can sign up for one, it's just that there's a notable lack of convenience. Even worse is the absence of what has become the norm today - SSD storage.

Almost all hosting providers today run with SSD storage since the price of this technology has dropped so much that the benefits far outweigh the cost. Yet Eleven2 has decided to pull SSDs out of their regular plans and charge even more for it as a separate option. To me that just smells of profiteering despite their claims to be a customer-first organization.

Somehow though, things seem to work out for them as they've managed to survive all this time. A strong point that may have led to this is the provision of not just a great ticketing system but also always-accessible live chat support which isn't something that is readily available elsewhere or even normally implemented well.

Still, some customers might balk at their pricing and you can be sure that there are many hosts that offer more for less. The only question to ask is how much you're prepared to pay for quality hosting.


Eleven2 Performance

Eleven2 Plans & Pricing

Eleven2 Shared Hosting
/per month
10 GB storage
50 GB data transfer
4 data center locations

/per month
250 GB storage
20 TB data transfer
4 data center locations

/per month
500 GB storage
40 TB data transfer
4 data center locations

Eleven2 VPS/Cloud Hosting
/per month
120 GB storage
1 GB memory
1 TB data transfer
2 IPs
3 data center locations

/per month
240 GB storage
2 GB memory
2 TB data transfer
2 IPs
3 data center locations

/per month
360 GB storage
3 GB memory
3 TB data transfer
2 IPs
3 data center locations

Eleven2 User Satisfaction

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