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Just as their geeky name sounds, Linode is a specialist web host which offers its customers VPS-only plans. It takes this one step further by specializing those plans based on Linux alone, although you can choose exactly which distribution you want. Plans are powerful and highly scalable.
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Linode Pros

  • Command line Linux access
  • Many virtual machine configurations
  • Multiple Linux distribution types
  • Highly scalable
  • Decently priced VPS plans

Linode Cons

  • Only Linux-based environments
  • VPS plans only
  • Managed plans cost more
  • Automated backups not free

Editor's Review & Recommendation

Right off the bat, I should clarify that Linode isn't for everyone. Because of its extremely focused area of specialization, only users who want Linux-based hosting in a VPS/Cloud environment need to apply.

However, if you are one of those people then the news is excellent because this host has quite a lot to offer.

As geeks can probably tell from the name, Linode (from the words 'Linux' and 'Node') offers tiny slices of virtualization. While this may seem similar to what many VPS hosts offer, there is more to Linode than meets the eye. There are virtually limitless variation of Linode plans you can opt for ranging from standard VPS-type ones to ultra-powerful plans that focus on certain areas like processor power or memory.

Your plan configuration of choice can be based in any of 10 data centers located in three strategic regions across the globe - US, Europe, and Asia. This makes Linde one of the most agile and customizable hosts around. Yet the icing on the cake is that Linode allows users to access many advanced features such as a programmatic interface with their own API.

Standard Linode plans
Linode comes in multiple standard plans. If you are not sure which to go with - start small and work your way up - Linode allows users to up- or downgrade at any time, so there's no pressure.

And while rates are billed at typical Cloud-billing levels which can get expensive based on your usage, even this is highly detailed given that you are billed per hour. Plus you don't get cut off if you exceed your resource usage quota, merely billed at their standard extra resource rates which are fairly reasonable.

Linode offers web hosting professionals or those who want extremely high levels of control the unique chance to let out their inner geek.

Linode Performance

Linode Plans & Pricing

Linode VPS/Cloud Hosting
Nanode 1GB
/per month
1 CPU core
1 GB memory
25 GB SSD storage
1 TB data transfer
1000 Mbps network out

Nanode 4GB
/per month
2 CPU cores
4 GB memory
80 GB SSD storage
4 TB data transfer
4000 Mbps network out

Nanode 8GB
/per month
4 CPU cores
8 GB memory
$160 GB SSD storage
5 TB data transfer
5000 Mbps network out

Linode User Satisfaction

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